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When did you start CrossFitting…
September 2015

Favorite wod…
800 M run (really), Deadlifts, back squats, clean and jerk

Least favorite wod…
Currently failing at: hand stand push-ups, double-unders, muscle ups

Favorite lift…
Dead lift, simple enough and usually don’t get hurt

Least favorite lift…
Overhead squat, not flexible enough to go low, shoulders hurt, may be too old

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)…

I live in Ken Caryl and work in Castle Rock, have two kids (Chelsea 25 works for Spartan Races, Andrew 18 Sr at Chatfield playing football/baseball) and wife who does BAR class daily. I have had several shoulder surgeries from baseball and tore an ACL ski racing. I have ski raced all my life and was a three time national medalist for the Masters Alpine Racing and currently ranked top 5 in my age group (55-59) nationally. This summer I won the Breck Spartan Sprint Competitive Race for my age group – thanks to CRCF!

What were you doing before CrossFit..

I was going to the Recreation Center at lunch but never really pushed it like you do in CrossFit, wasn’t really rolling around on the floor in exhaustion. Only running for warmup and lifting free weights doesn’t cover all the elements like CrossFit, besides there was too much chit chat anyway.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…
Wonder how much weight I just dropped, can I really lift Olympic style?

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…
Getting an overall better fitness, more limber and powerful, able to continue to compete at very high level


Have you achieved any of those goals…

Yes – CFCR gave the strength to place 3rd overall in the Rocky Mountain Master Ski Racing Series, confidence to enter Spartan Races, and a clear conscience to continue my steaks and red wine habits

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….
The comradery and support is nice among all who do it and you actually feel better and have daily energy when you are fit

Any advice for people getting started…
Take it slow and don’t set your goals too high, listen closely to the our great coaches and you will be fine


Some of your recent accomplishments…

Kipping and butterfly pullups 25+, Clean and Jerk 185, rope climb w/o tearing up legs, Deadlift 385

What makes CFCR special to you?
It’s across the street from where I work…the coaching staff, owner and facility and the friends I have made along the way.



14 Minute AMRAP:

10 Power Snatch 95/65#
15 Sit Ups
20 Air Squats

3 Rounds:

10 DB Weighted Sit Ups
30 Russian Twist

Longo 8+20
Jared 8+7
Tammi 5+14
Josh 6+21
Ryan H 5+19
Belinda 8+12
Megan 5+8
Cates 6+1
Smitty 6+9
Shaq 6+4
McKown 7+5
Big Ben 6+42
Clay 7+29
Jeff W 5+14
Courtney 5+5
Joe 7+16
Barry 6+16
Sully 6+6
Brett 5+14
Bre 6+6
Natalie 5+7
Josh P 6+3
Christy 5+7
GLord 5+1
Hollywood 5+5
LMello 5+42
Josh 5+16 *Welcome
Jenny 5+20
Nate 5+6
Bill H 5+30
Connor 5+11
Curt 7+26
Frank 6
Max H 5+6
Bill F 8+6
Jason P 5+5
Jewels 8+43
Scott 5+2
Terry 4+15
KDawg 6+11
Nicholl 7
DP 7+29
Dawn 5+7
Jen R 6+10
Kayle 5+5
Eric 5+30
Alan 4+10

Aimee 7
Kelli 5+6
Kate 6+42
Gary 6+6
Trent 5+5
Michele 5+8
GMello 8+5
Erin 5+10
Janet 6+5
Barb 4+28
Scott 5+30
Tawnya 5+42
Chad 6+42
Liana 5+20
Heidi 5+11
Taylor 4+28
Trent 5+7
Ashleigh 7+11
Carol 4+16
Sabrina 4+25
McKay 4+7
Val 5+10
Karen 5+7
Monique 7+10
Leslie 5+10
Amy 6+7
Johnna 4
Steve 5+7
HMroz 5
Brad 6+10
Sam 6+7
Kevin 5+42
Annie 5+39
John 4+35
B-Rad 6+17
Josh 4+4
David 6+10
Jake 4
Caleb 5 *welcome
Ryan 4+25
Sarah 5+10
Gene 5+8
Jen S 5
Brian 5+7
Ellie 5+12
Ben S 4+16
A-me 7+7
Carolann 5+25
Susie 6+3
Woo 6
Denise P 5+17
Brian 3+25
Sherry 3+25
Rachel 5
Becky 5+16
Mark 5+3
Tom 5+11
Erika 7
Katrina 7+3
Shannon 4+43
Alicia 6
Robin 5+28
Tiffeny 4+21
Deanna 6+28
Walter 6+33
Nataleigh 6+10
Kristi 6+5

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