Angie WOD Records

<p><div class=”K2FeedIntroText”><table style=”width: 100%;” border=”0″ cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”4″></p> <p><tbody></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Men</strong></td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Women</strong></td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td width=”8%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”15%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td>1. <br />2.<br />3.<br />4.</td></p> <p><td>Dan F.<br />Luke<br />Chris S.<br />x</td></p> <p><td>4/5/10<br />4/5/10<br />4/5/10<br />x</td></p> <p><td>16:34<br />18:56<br />19:36<br />x</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td>1. Games push up<br />2.<br />3.<br />4. Games push up</td></p> <p><td>Jewels<br />Shannon<br />Mary<br />Fran</td></p> <p><td>2/25/11<br />4/5/10<br />4/5/10<br />2/25/11</td></p> <p><td>19:50<br />21:53<br />22:46<br />22:54</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p></tbody></p> <p></table></p> <p> </p><p>2/25/11<br />Fran                               CJ 145# / “Angie” RX 22:54 chest to ground push ups!!<br />Jewels                           CJ 135#- 53/85# 4+14 / “Angie” RX 19:50 chest to ground push ups!!</p><p>4/5/2010</p><p>Richard Rx’d 39:28<br />Kati Mod BB 31:25<br />Quinn Mod 29:41 welcom back!<br />Cole Rx’d 29:08<br />Ashlee Rx’d!!! 33:39<br />Juli Rx’d 24:03<br />Sean mod 25:56<br />Nancy ba 37:58<br />Melissa ba 28:50<br />Brandy RX’D!!!!! 33:29<br />Susie ba mod 29:21<br />Dianna ba mod 27:07<br />Kerry ba 30:49<br />Chelsea ba mod 30:31<br />Dan Rx  16:34<br />Mary Rx  22:46<br />Chris S. Rx  23:42<br />Isabella mod.  18:30<br />Austen Rx  25:10<br />Troy Rx  23:49<br />Melissa mod.  35:52 – Welcome Back – We missed you!!<br />Kayla mod.  DNT<br />Luke Rx  18:56<br />Fran Rx  23:16<br />Chris B. mod.  19:36<br />Nicki mod.  20:25 – WECOME NICKI!!!! You did Great!<br />Alyssa BA mod. push ups  18:30<br />Trevor Rx  23:27</p></div>

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