Barbara WOD Records

<p><div class=”K2FeedIntroText”><table style=”width: 100%;” border=”0″ cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”4″></p> <p><tbody></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Men  (NR=No Rest Option)</strong></td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Women  (NR=No Rest)</strong></td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td width=”8%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”15%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td>1. <br />2.<br />3.<br />4.NR</td></p> <p><td>Barry<br />Ray<br />Toph<br />Andrew</td></p> <p><td>12/30/10<br />12/30/10<br />12/30/10<br />12/30/10</td></p> <p><td>27:35<br />28:30<br />29:06<br />35:17</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td>1.<br />2.<br />3.NR&GHD<br />4.</td></p> <p><td>Fran<br />Ashlee<br />Val<br />x</td></p> <p><td>12/30/10<br />12/30/10<br />12/30/10<br />x</td></p> <p><td>26:30<br />37:04<br />38:00<br />x</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p></tbody></p> <p></table></p> <p>12/30/10</p><p> Cindy- (no rest) ba,                 34:42<br /><span>Richard- RX,                              38:41<br /></span>Sierra- 3rounds, ba                 22:43<br />Susan- 3rounds, ba                 35:07<br /><span>Erin-RX,                                      37:38<br />Toph- RX,                                   29:06</span><br />Karl-(no rest) RX,                   23:03<br />Tera- ba,                                     30:58<br /><span>Ashlee- RX                                37:04<br /></span>Trig- 3rounds@ RX,              21:35<br /><span>Ray- RX,                                     28:30<br />Barry- RX,                                 27:35<br />Trevor- (no rest) RX,            35:31<br /></span>Demi- 3rounds, ba                21:23<br /><span>Andrew- (no rest) RX,         35:17<br />Fran- RX,                                   26:30<br /></span>Val- (no rest) RX w/ tiresits, 38:00</p></div>

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  1. Amrous Billel Reply
    I am billel from algeria, i pratice this sport from one years, of course i did others sport activities before. i am happy to say that today i get a very nice level, i made the barbara wod in 18 minutes and,27 seconde and i thinks that is not bad at all. I would to share this. thanks.

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