*Results may vary from person to person.
jeffI started Crossfit at THE GYM on March 10, 2014-I agreed to go with my two teenage daughters.  I started at age 54 and was very out of shape.

My least favorite WOD would have to be “Murph”, not that I dislike it-it is just grueling.

My least favorite lift is hand stand pushups because they seem so impossible, although I don’t really dislike them-they are just very hard.

My Favorite lift is Thrusters.

My family includes my wonderful wife Laurie, and three daughters-Alli, 29 living in Longmont (who now does Crossfit), and Katelyn (18) and Lexie (17).   We are very active and enjoy boating, hiking and pretty much most outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.  We love the new “incline” at the new park in Castle Rock. I mountain bike, hike, run, and just plain like being outside.

Before Crossfit, I was doing a bit of free weights, exercise bike, running and hiking, but nothing sustained or intense.  I found once I joined Crossfit that I was very much out of shape.  After my first Crossfit workout, I thought that if I could stick this out, this is how working out is supposed to be-  Build muscle, strength and endurance WHILE getting a cardio workout, all in a relatively short amount of time.

When I started Crossfit,  I had to stop running and walk going down the hill.  I ran the mile in about 13 minutes.  I could not do a lunge and told Spencer that “you will never see me do a lunge because my knees won’t let me”.  My “box-jump” was literally ONE plate.  I could not do ONE full “air-squat”.  My arches hurt, my knees hurt and my hips were so bad I was limping.

When I started, I gained 5 lbs. the first three weeks because I was so hungry, then in the next three weeks I dropped 19 lbs…..Then I had to actually eat more and work to put weight on!!!!

I try to go to Crossfit three times and maybe four times a week.

My goal when I  joined Crossfit was to just get into incredible shape.

Well, now at age 56, my arches have zero pain, my knees don’t hurt (much) and my hips are just like when I was 25.  I run a mile in just over 9 minutes.  I can lunge up and down the floor with a 45 lb. weight overhead, can do many many air-squats and last week did FORTY 30″ box jumps.  I went from not being able to doing ANY air-squats to doing over a 225# back squat the other day.  I made it up the 200 step Incline at the new Phillip Miller Park in 2 minutes and 5 seconds, running most of it!   I now can do 100 sit-ups in just over 3 minutes.  I can hold a 4 minute plank….. AMAZING what your body can do.

Crossfit has made an amazing difference in my life.  I just feel like I am utilizing the “God-given” abilities that most of us let lie dormant.  I feel OK to take my shirt off and have a quiet confidence that I think you get when you are utilizing a gift – and our bodies are incredible machines that anyone can “fine-tune” with a little effort.  We are all literally only a few hours a week from becoming INCREDIBLE!

My advice for newcomers would be-Crossfit is hard, but who can’t spend ONE HOUR three times a week to work on just themselves- and be rewarded with and an amazing transformation.  The staff at the gym is superb and no one ever trys to make you do something that is too much for you to handle-JUST GO AND BECOME AMAZING!!!

Thank you Castle Rock Crossfit!!!
*Results may vary from person to person.

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