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<p><div class=”K2FeedIntroText”><table style=”width: 100%;” border=”0″ cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”4″></p> <p><tbody></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Men</strong></td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Women</strong></td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td width=”8%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”15%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td>1. <br />2.<br />3.<br />4.</td></p> <p><td>X<br />X<br />X<br />X</td></p> <p><td>X<br />X<br />X<br />X</td></p> <p><td>X<br />X<br />X<br />X</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td>1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />4.</td></p> <p><td>X<br />X<br />X<br />X</td></p> <p><td>X<br />X<br />X<br />X</td></p> <p><td>X<br />X<br />X<br />X</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p></tbody></p> <p></table></p> <p> </p><p>10/12/2010</p><p>Denise BA                              9<br />Calvin BA                               9+7<br />Shannon BA                          17+10<br />Lori Situps                            16+28<br /><span>Jenny RX                               13<br />Richard RX                           13+5<br /></span>Liz BA                                     12<br />Makaila BA                            10<br />Cindy BA                                13+10<br />Ray BA                                    16<br />Serina BA                               12+23<br />Lisa BA                                   15+12<br />Sandy BA                               9+20<br /><span>Chuck RX                                20<br />FRan RX                                 18+3<br />Pat RX                                    15+5<br /></span>Jewels “open triplet”        4+23<br />Andy mod 15min               11<br />Amanda BA                           10+18<br /><span>DP RX                                      12+5<br /></span>Mckenna BA                          13+1<br />Debbie BA                               12+6<br />Mike RX                                   22<br />Christine BA                          8+10<br />Demi BA                                   12<br />Lilly BA                                     12<br />Heidi BA                                  13+22<br />Trent BA                                   11+5</p><p>5/4/2010</p><p>Lisa   BA/knee push ups – 10 rds<br /><span>Jenny  Rx’d – 13+5 pull ups<br />Richard Rx’d – 13+5 pull ups<br /></span>Misty Machine Assist/knee push ups – 11 + 5 pullups<br />Ellen BA/knee push ups – 10<br />Susie blue BA with full pushups – 10<br />Nancy BA skinny tan bank – 13 + 1 pullup<br /><span>Omar Rx’d – 15<br /></span>Kallie BA knee pushup – 4<br />Chelsea jumping pullups knee pushups – 12<br />Toph  13 + 5 pullups<br /><span>Ashlee Rx’d 11 + 7 pushups<br /></span><span>Brandy Rx’d 13<br /></span>Charlene BA 9<br />Steve 12+10 pushups<br /><span>Cynthia Rx’d 13 + 10 squats<br /></span>Kerry 4 rounds on the skinny bba then thicker bb 14 rounds<br /><span>Pat  Rx’d  14<br /></span>Katie  14</p><p>3/22/2010</p><p>Richard 12.5<br />Sierra mod 5<br />Holly mod 7<br />Katie 12<br /><span>Erin rx’d 11+10push<br /></span>Kerry blue 14+5pull<br />Brandy rx’d knee 15+5 pull<br />Nancy tan 14+10push<br />Melissa green 12+5pull<br />Susie blue 13+10 push<br />Ashlee rx’d knee 13+5pull<br /><span>Sean rx’d 11+5push<br /></span>Nick newbie 11<br />Robert mod<br /><span>Barry rx’d 11+10push<br /></span>Christy mod 11+10squat<br />Sarah mod 11+5pull<br /><span>Troy rx’d 15+10push<br />Chris S. rx’d 20#vest 14+11squat<br /></span>Sadie mod 17<br /><span>Doug rx’d 22<br /></span>Chris mod 11+5pull<br />Charlene newbie 5rnds<br />Kris 9rnds<br /><span>Trevor rx’d 14+5pull<br /></span>Erin green 11+6squats<br />Nikki blue dnc<br /><span>Ken rx’d 12+8push</span></p><p>Jen  14<br />Sarah  12<br />Val  8<br />Trevor  17<br />Austen  11<br />Nick  18 + 6 pushups<br />Jason  8<br />Nicole  11 + 7 pushups<br />Danae  10</p></div>

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