Crossfit – December 2016- Ashleigh & Mark McKown


Name… Mark and Ashleigh McKown

When did you start CrossFitting… Mark: September 2014 / Ashleigh: October 2016

Favorite wod…

Ashleigh: anything that involves running, burpees, or box jumps.

Mark: Fight Gone Bad.

Least favorite wod…

Ashleigh: anything that involves lifting the barbell over my head.

Mark: long AMRAP’s kill me.

Favorite lift…

Ashleigh: deadlift, only because I kind of know how to do one.

Mark: I like deadlifts too but I would also say power cleans.

Least favorite lift…

Ashleigh: overhead squat, because it hurts every muscle in my body.

Mark: OHS…getting better at them but still cringe when I see them.



Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)…

Ashleigh: Mark and I have known each other since college (in the 90s!!) and have been married since 2003. We have two beautiful kids, Aerin and Max, as well as

two horses, two dogs, and two cats. I have ridden competitively in the sport ofeventing for over 30 years, which makes me crazy on a variety of levels. For work,

I am a freelance editor of academic books.

Mark: I moved from San Diego to a college in Virginia and knew absolutely nobody. I was lucky to find a really cute/smart/funny/ambitious girl and I held on for

dear life. We moved out to Colorado about 5 years ago from Baltimore and then down to Franktown 2 years ago. I work for a Biotech company that specializes in

makingequipment for diagnostic and genomic laboratories.

What were you doing before CrossFit..

Ashleigh: doing all the classes at The Gym: HIIT, boot camp, spin, KB. I also run a fair amount when the weather is good.

Mark: Basketball, free weights, and the occasional spin class for cardio.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…

Ashleigh: Mark took me to a partner WOD, and I loved how fun and hard it was at the same time. Then I saw him compete at the Battle of the Rock, and I knew I

wanted to try it.

Mark; I wanted to die but also immediately wanted to come back the next day to get better.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…

Ashleigh: To eventually Rx a WOD, and to do a pull-up by Christmas.

Mark: Challenge myself and try to reach a new level of fitness.

Have you achieved any of those goals…

Ashleigh: Yes! Both! But my pull-ups need work and so does everything else.

Mark; For sure! I’ve gotten stronger and feel a lot better since doing CrossFit

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….

Ashleigh: My back is SO much stronger. I feel it in everything I do, from sitting at the computer to riding to picking up my kids. Also, I just have more energy and

am better able to recover from physically difficult workouts than I used to be.

Mark: I feel like it gives me more energy throughout the day and also goals to keep my mind focused on taking the necessary steps to achieve them.

Any advice for people getting started…

Ashleigh: Listen to and watch others every single day. Try to learn something from them, whether it’s advice on technique or simply when to chalk your hands.

Don’t kill yourself to Rx or even keep up, but trust your decision to do so when that time comes.

Mark; don’t be tall! In all seriousness, listen to the coaches and staff and come prepared to put all your focus and energy into the class. I sometimes get

distracted and always regret it after a workout.

Some of your recent accomplishments…

Ashleigh: I can do one to two pull-ups and am getting close to being able to do toes-to- bar. I can also occasionally do double-unders.

Mark: Couldn’t do one HSPU in the open but now I got them.

What makes CFCR special to you?

Ashleigh: The people!!! The coaches, staff, and fellow CrossFitters at CFCR are some of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Mark: The people here are awesome…I look forward to coming every time!





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