Crossfit – Don & Marianne Blackwell – July 2016

mar and don athlete on the monthCFCR COUPLES ATHLETE OF THE MONTH JULY 2016

Name…   Don & Marianne Blackwell

When did you start CrossFitting…  2015 – Oct (M) ; Nov (D)

Favorite wod…  The Sat partner wods (M&D)!  (D) Anything with Deadlifts (M); Call me crazy, but I enjoy WODs like the Filthy Fifty, those that have multiple challenges.

Least favorite wod…  (M&D) Anything with burpies! (M) And I am such a pathetic runner that adding that to a WOD is an instant downer for me!

Favorite lift…  (D) Deadlift ; (M)  I also like deadlifts, but Clean and Jenks are also fun.

Least favorite lift… (D) Squat;  (M) Thrusters

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)…  We met in law school in 1982, and have been married 31 years.  Don is Counsel for Latin America and the Middle East for a global engineering company.  Marianne is a Planned Giving Officer with the University of Colorado.  We’ve have lived in CO for 25 years, excluding work for 2 years in Calif and 2.5 years in Central Asia.   We have a son, 22, and three crazy dogs!

What were you doing before CrossFit..  Primarily tennis and yoga for Marianne;  Hockey for Don year-round, plus swimming, skiing and cycling.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…  We don’t recall.  We were pretty numb and sore after the 1st wod, and each one since then!

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…  To slow the inevitable decline in core strength and mobility that comes with age (Don in hockey, Marianne in tennis). We are the Boomer generation that is ‘raging against aging’ so we fully believe that CF is an answer to that (just wish we weren’t so sore getting out of bed in the morning!).

Have you achieved any of those goals…  Yes, definitely still a work in progress, but we’re enjoying it!

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….  Yes, we go to bed earlier now, cuz we’re so tired! And Brenda has helped us KNOW what is better to eat – actually putting that into daily practice is another thing — damn that red wine fixation!

Any advice for people getting started…  Start and don’t quit, don’t think about it, go at your own pace … And give yourself a pat on the back occasionally for just showing up!

Some of your recent accomplishments…  RX-ing a couple of wods (i.e. like 2, total, in 9 mos!). That’s Don talking … for me, I like that I’m lifting heavier with better technique and not totally sacking at pull ups!

What makes CFCR Special to you… (D) The answer is definitely the coaching staff.  You are all truly excellent.  You’ve created a very welcoming atmosphere all while at the same time delivering professional and helpful coaching tips and advice.  That consistency has really helped those of us new to the discipline to learn and improve on so many of the routines (i.e. as a result finally making progress on Pull-Ups, Toe-to-Bar, etc., etc.  Now, if we can just figure out double-unders!)
(M) The people!  The coaches and staff are fantastic, we love seeing our regular group of CrossFit friends at workouts and love the camaraderie of the place ~~ everyone is encouraging, supportive and so nice. It’s a welcoming place to come to and work out

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