Crossfit – February 2017 – Mike & Susie Worcester


Name…Mike & Susie Worcester

When did you start CrossFitting…Susie started in April, looking for something different than just running, she never lifted weights before.  Mike started in September on Susie’s insistence.

Favorite wod…Susie likes the workouts with push press, dead lifts and box jumps.  Mike likes AMRAPs, the workouts with a short run and those without squats!

Least favorite wod…Susie is still working up to a pull-up, so those workouts are a little hard for her.  Mike always feels a little slow when the workout is a set number of rounds.

Favorite lift…Susie likes the clean because it’s fast.  Mike seems to like the deadlift and the clean and jerk.

Least favorite lift…We both struggle with the overhead squat.  Mike has trouble stretching out his shoulders/back, and Susie just doesn’t like it!

Tell us a bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc.)…Susie and I were married in 2003 and have lived in Castle Rock since 2005.  We have 2 kids, Kacey 11 and Charlie 8, and a dog, Molly.  I work for West Metro Fire in Wheat Ridge, and Susie runs an office of software developers.  We spend much of our free time chasing the kids from sporting event to scout meetings and then homework in between.  I like to get to the morning classes when I’m off duty.  Susie, who encouraged me to join, goes in the evening on her way home from work.  We actually rarely work out together.  Susie checks my score on the board and aims to beat it. We enjoy travelling and are headed to Costa Rica in March.  We both have a lot of family in the area so family events are frequent and entertaining.

What were you doing before CrossFit…Since her youth, Susie has been a runner, running anything from 5ks to marathons and the 2016 Ragnar relay in Hilo, HI.  I have done some CrossFit stuff before in the fire station, but most recently had started in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  It definitely works better to have fun groups of people to exercise with.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…Susie came home pretty beat, but excited about it.  She was still sore several days later.  Mike really enjoyed the welcome feeling and was happy to be back in to working out.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…Mike’s only goal is to be fit and balance the diet I can’t really seem to commit to.  Susie wanted some visible muscle some knowledge on weight lifting, we’re getting there!

Have you achieved any of those goals…She can definitely tell she’s gotten stronger, and I have too.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym…Mike always feels better about doing his job when he is in a good work out pattern.  There’s always the feeling that you’re missing out or cheating when you don’t go.  It just becomes part of your day-to-day schedule and planning.

Any advice for people getting started…Always go back the next day when it feels like you couldn’t stand up from the toilet.  That feeling goes away quicker when you keep going back.  Give it a couple of weeks, it will all come together!

Some of your recent accomplishments…Mike has RX’d a couple workouts recently which seems like progress.  Susie has as well…some are easier than others.

What makes CFCR special to you?  We both really like the people. The coaches and other members have been welcoming, encouraging and make coming in each day so much fun!



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