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*Results may vary from person to person.
MELISSA DEWITT, Castle Rock Colorado 1/2012

mel mel2 mel3 mel4Most of my life I have struggled with weight issues; trying different gyms, power walking in the neighborhood, aerobic videos, so on and so forth but never sticking with anything for more than 6 months at a time.  I was never interested in lifting more than a 15lb dumbbell thinking all I needed was more cardio in addition to a few dumbbell lifts to lose the weight.  Right before my fortieth birthday, more frustrated than ever, I told my husband I needed to make some changes; thankfully he was on the same page as I and also wanted to start working out, building his own strength and reaching new goals.  After meeting John and Fran they mentioned Crossfit and I thought that would be a great class for my husband to try but instead both suggested I give it a try and thought I would like it.  Although very apprehensive, I still gave it a shot that very next week.

Unbelievable!!! What was I thinking; I didn’t belong there, this is not for me, you want me to do what, run??!! I don’t run!! These are the very thoughts that went through my mind the first time I tried a CrossFit class at The Gym.  Eighteen months later and 50lbs less no one could talk me into changing a thing.  Every day, the workouts (WOD’s) were different and challenging, never boring, always learning something new and doing things I never thought I would ever even try.  It wasn’t just the actual workout; it was way more than that.  This Gym was different.  First off, the staff; everyone was so friendly, very welcoming, encouraging and it was a comfortable environment.  Then there was CrossFit.  The trainers were amazing, very supportive and willing to teach or walk me through anything that was new to me, (which was everything). The members were great, telling me their stories, encouraging me through every workout, finishing a WOD with me even though they were done with their own, always pushing me to finish strong, etc. My life has changed!!!  It’s not just the weight loss, it’s the better health, feeling good getting out of bed in the morning, self accomplishment, more confidence, lifestyle change, being more active and after 25 years of living in Colorado I finally hiked a 14er last summer.  Wow!! That is huge for someone that used to get winded just after jogging one block in the neighborhood.  Of course the hardest thing to transform was my eating habits and that is still a work in progress but many adjustments have already occurred and the trainers are always willing to offer good advice.  I want to give a heartfelt “Thank You” to Fran for the encouragement and talking me into trying something different. Then there is Spencer; although he knows I am not breaking any records or winning any contests (yet) he keeps giving me that “hard time” I need to accomplish my goals. Thank you Spence (you’re killing me Smalls)!!!  I show up, I finish, I feel good, and I am happy about the results. Thank you CrossFit Castle Rock at The Gym!!!
*Results may vary from person to person.

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