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<p><div class=”K2FeedIntroText”><table style=”width: 552px;” border=”0″ cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”4″></p> <p><tbody></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Men</strong></td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td colspan=”4″><strong>Top Women</strong></td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td width=”8%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”15%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”> </td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Name</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Date</td></p> <p><td width=”11%”>Time</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p><tr></p> <p><td>1. <br />2.<br />3.<br />4.</td></p> <p><td>Dan<br />Spencer<br />Nate<br />Trevor</td></p> <p><td>12/28/09<br />12/28/09<br />6/6/11<br />6/6/11</td></p> <p><td>16:56<br />17:35<br />18:46<br />21:25</td></p> <p><td> </td></p> <p><td>1.       (S.)<br />2.<br />3.<br />4.</td></p> <p><td>Shannon<br />Fran<br />Austen<br />x</td></p> <p><td>12/28/09<br />6/6/11<br />12/28/09<br />x</td></p> <p><td>20:30<br />22:25<br />23:16<br />x</td></p> <p></tr></p> <p></tbody></p> <p></table></p> <p>6/6/11</p><p>Nate RX 18:46<br />DP RX 21:48<br />Kevin RX 21:50<br />Fran RX 22:25<br />Andy RX 24:54<br />Juli 1/2 RX c2b 11:10<br />Ashlee 1/2 16:52<br />Trevor RX 21:25<br />Ian RX 19:33<br />Andrew RX</p><p>Richard jp/65#                25:15<br />Max jp/ 95-75#              25:05<br />Paul jp/75#                      24:13<br />Tony jp/45#                     19:35<br />Marc jp/65#                      23:28<br />Jess jp/55#                        23:42<br />Gary jp/75#                      23:52<br />Diana 55#                          23:28<br />Suzanne 45#                    21:38<br />Shannon jp/55#             19:06<br />Grayson jp 65                  23:20<br />Cori jp 45                           25:38 FIRST KIPPING PULL UP!!! – YAY!!<br />Teri jp 65                           25:13<br />Darcee jp 35                      24:09<br />Megan jp 45                       22:39<br />Corinna jp 30                    18:57<br />Blythe 45                           27:00<br />Audra 1/2 jp 30               13:59<br />Mike jp 55                          23:27 – WELCOME TO CFCR – Officially!!<br />Susie jp 55                          27:58<br />Phill “newbie”                   19:55 Welcome!!<br />Jodi “newbie”                    16:52 Welcome!!<br />Willie “newbie”                  17:10 Welcome!!<br />Katie jp                                18:56<br />MelissaD jp                         23:33<br />Nick 75#                             23:19</p><p>VP “Daniel” ROM PU – 21:29<br />Dan “Daniel” ROM PU 21:23<br />D’Anya jp 55# 19:52</p><p>4/16/10<br />Sean                “Daniel” BA/95-65# – 30:14<br />Melissa G      “Daniel” BA/45# – 28:20<br />Susie              “Daniel” BA/60# – 32:45<br />Melissa W    ”Daniel” BA/30# – 28:14<br />Toph             ”Daniel” -ROM Rx’d – 27:43<br />Steve             “Daniel” -ROM Rx’d – 30:05<br />Cole               ”Daniel” Rx’d – 27:34<br />Kerry            “Daniel” BA/40# – 23:54<br />Nick               “Daniel” 75# – 26:16<br />Kim                1/2 Daniel BA/30# – 18:30<br />Cheryl           1/2 Daniel BA/30# – 18:30</p></div>

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