FLOATER WOD 2016 Battle at the Rock

You WILL be able to test the sand bags during the registration process!!

“Scull Crusher”
Floater Workout

10 Calorie Row
2 Rounds of:
5 Ground to Over Shoulder with Sandbag
80’ Sandbag Front Carry

Time Limit: 3 Minutes
Score: Total time

*If not complete in time cap, each incomplete rep will be added to the athlete’s score as one second. Each 40’ length will be counted as 1 rep.


At “Go” athletes will perform calorie row. As soon as the rower reads 10 calories, the athlete will move to the sandbag and perform 5 ground to over shoulder. After the ground to over shoulder the athlete will carry the sandbag down and back to starting position (40 feet each way). The athlete will then repeat 5 ground to over shoulder and one more shuttle run. Time is complete when athlete gets to starting mat with sandbag.
Calorie Row

10 Calories

Athletes will start seated on rower with feet strapped in and rower on. Handle will be racked and athletes cannot grab handle until the call of “Go”.

Sandbag Ground to Over Shoulder

Men’s weight 100 pounds
Women’s weight 65 pounds

The rep will begin with the sandbag on the ground and athlete will pick it up from the ground and move it over the top of one shoulder so that it falls back to the ground behind the athlete. Sandbag must be dropped behind athlete; if sandbag falls to the side it will be a no-rep. Athletes may NOT use the handle of sandbag to pick up the bag, this will result in a no rep. Athlete must be fully extended at knee and hip with sandbag over shoulder for the rep to count. In the case of the first rep after the sandbag carry, the athlete must drop the sandbag so that it starts on the ground.
Sandbag Carry

Athlete must pick up the sandbag off the ground before moving with it. The athlete must carry the sandbag in a front loaded position as demonstrated in the posted video. Any other manner of carrying the sandbag will NOT be permitted. The athlete will carry sandbag down 40 feet around the cone and back another 40 feet to starting mat. Time will be completed after the second carry when both athlete and sandbag return to starting mat.

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