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 When did you start Crossfitting: I started CrossFit in 2010

Favorite wod: Murph because you feel so accomplished when you finish it.

Least favorite wod: Karen because wall balls suck when your short

Favorite lift overhead squat

Least favorite lift front squat

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..) I have three teenagers and a beautiful wife (who just started CrossFit) I work for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as their Technical Operations Manager. I was in the Navy 20 years ago where i was a Navigator on a submarine.

What were you doing before CrossFit: 15 year all American couch potato

What were your thoughts after your first Crossfit workout: The trainer was a petite woman who was in amazing shape and she came over while i was dying on a rower and told me that if i needed to puke that i needed to do it outside and then get back in for the workout! I though I was going to die!

What were your goals when joining Crossfit: I was about 80 pounds over weight and my goal was to loose it.

Have you achieved any of those goals: YES!!

Has Crossfit affected your life outside the gym: CrossFit is like a family and i have made a lot of friends from the gym. It is one of my favorite social outlets.

Any advice for people getting started: Stick with it!! You didnt get fat in a day or a week or a month, it took a while. your journey back will take some time to but the goal is reachable and CrossFit is the express train to get you there.

Some of your recent accomplishments: As of this writing i am standing at 150th in the region for the 40-44 masters division in the CrossFit games. When i started CrossFit i couldn’t do 1 pull up or run a 400!!

5 Rounds for Time:

9 Thrusters (95/65#)
15 Pull Ups
21 Box Jumps (24/20#)
200m Run

Amanda 17:07
Meegan –
Big Ben 20:08
Mark 20:49
Kyle G 19:41
Mroz 29:08
Brink 20:11
Travis 21:59
Chris N 23:41
Jeff W 26:13
Kirk 14:15
Curt 18:13
Bill F 16:44
Alicia S 26:12
Kapitan 21:52
Jen P 20:18
Sherry 28:01
Hollywood 27:20
Bill H 26:27
Gregg 26:01
Sp K 23:07
Blake 28:19
Wills 22:56
T Race 23:29
Barnett 21:50
Taylor 17:04
Joe H 24:01
Terra 14:47
P Diddy 23:57
Josh P 20:12
Toph 21:57
Best 23:03
Marion 18:13
Carrie 29:47
DP 17:59
KK 20:57
D Lay 14:55
Campbell 18:46
Joe 20:07

Belinda 18:35
Alicia 24:23
JLord 23:35
Andrea 24:30
Peyton 20:32
Max 31:39
Steve C 25:40
Rick 24:16
Gary 20:01
Joni 22:49
Trent 24:44
Linda 20:59
Nikki 22:20
Gretchen 25:31
Mitch 22:38
Michele W 25:23
Aimee 23:06
Kelly G 25:46
Amanda C 26:33
Karen 22:28
Trina 20:28
Marie 26:18
Crusher 22:31
Mandy 23:26
Audrey 24:31
Mich A 22:51
Ginger 24:13
Christine 26:25
Michael 27:30
HMroz 25:10
Carrie 27:35
Kannon 25:00
Marcy 22:54
Brandon 27:06
Stacy 24:52
Denise R 20:30 4rds
Uriah 18:52 3rds
Lesa 24:44
Brad 25:47
Alicia 13:26
J Lay 22:27
Ricardo 16:41 *Welcome*
Gene 21:39
Erin 21:00
Richard 21:26
Tom 25:15
Mick 22:15
Gooch 21:07
Nataleigh 21:07
Alan 14:25

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