Friday, January 23rd 2015

<p></p> <p><span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red; font-size: 24pt;”>ATHLETE OF THE WEEK at CFCR!</span><span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red;”> </span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$1:0″> <span style=”color: red; font-size: 20pt;”><img style=”width: 419px; height: 336px;” src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/marion_athlete_of_the_week.png”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$3:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$4:0″>Marion Yore</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$5:0″> <span style=”color: rgb(192, 0, 0);”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$7:0″> <span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$6:0″>When did you start CrossFit:</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$9:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$11:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$12:0″>My first short taste for the “WODs” was in Springfield, MO. I belonged to a Box for 3 months before finding out I was pregnant. The next taste for the WODs was for 5 months at CFCR in 2013. Then, in repeat fashion I found out I was pregnant yet again, with baby number 4 of our Yore Tribe. We have decided our hearts are full of children, so now I’m ready to focus on myself and making it to Regionals again! </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$13:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$15:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red;”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$16:0″>Favorite WOD: </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$17:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$19:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$20:0″>My Regional team workout, Jackie! It has a lot of sentimental value added into it. I can still feel the excitement of walking out in front of the huge packed Olympic arena in Utah, T.V. Cameras everywhere and sitting on the row machine preparing to kick a**! Just seeing the workout on the board makes my adrenaline kick in and gets me nervous every time. </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$21:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$23:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red;”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$24:0″>Least favorite wod</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$25:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$27:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$28:0″>Anything that has my Unicorn in it, Muscle-ups. It drives me insane to have a workout that I can’t put RX’d on. At least it gives me something to shoot for in 2015!</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$29:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$31:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red;”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$32:0″>Favorite lift:</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$33:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$35:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$36:0″>I’ve always loved being an incognito BEAST of a female. I played Division 1, Collegiate Track. I ran the Heptathalon, Pentathalon, pole vaulted, threw the javelin, shot-put and discus. I enjoyed my strength being an element of surprise to other massive strong female athletes. So Olympic lifts are what gets me excited!</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$37:0″> <span style=”color: red;”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$39:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$40:0″>Least favorite lift</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$41:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$43:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$44:0″>I’ve dealt with abdominal muscle separation for the last 8 years. I’ve recently had the muscle repaired. I was not very competitive on “Toes to Bar” ever. I can remember Spenc gently telling me during the 2013 Open to just go one at a time and kick off. Mine was more like toes to somewhere in space……above my hips.</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$45:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$47:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red;”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$48:0″>Tell us bit about yourself:</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$49:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$51:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$52:0″>I grew up in Michigan where I had a very colorful upbringing. I ended up receiving a scholarship for Track to Western Michigan University(which was my ticket out of poverty) where I also studied abroad in Tasmania, Australia, graduated with my Teaching Degree and then the real Blessing in my life came. I met my rock and my favorite teammate yet, my Husband Ben. We’ve been together for 14 years, we’ve lived in 4 States and have had a child in each State we’ve lived. Just trying to leave our small mark on the world. We won’t ever be moving again needless to say!</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$53:0″> <span style=”color: red;”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$55:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$56:0″>What were you doing before CrossFit</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$57:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$59:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$60:0″>I’ve always loved running Tri-athalons, however it’s impossible to balance training for longer Tri’s with a traveling Husband and young children. So, in the interim, I was just wasting time running. I decided to try CRCF in December, 2013. The ice was taking over the sidewalks, and I was frustrated on slipping everywhere. </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$61:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$62:0″>It’s in my blood and now I can’t shake it. Every second of my 4th pregnancy I was plotting and planning to get back in and do a WOD. I was planning on coming back and giving Jewels Sneed and Laura Reed a run for their money! The girls don’t know this, but poor Ben had listen to countless nights of me talking about their competition scores and how long it would take for me to get fit again and if I could actually do it! <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$63:0″> </span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$65:0″> <span><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$66:0″>What were your thoughts after your first Crossfit workout. </span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$67:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$69:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$70:0″>I couldn’t believe I just completed a workout that kicked my a** as hard as the Coaches in Collegiate Track and Field had. I was on the bottom finishing the WOD and couldn’t wait to get back in and start climbing the ladder to the top! Then the next morning hit and I could barely walk, my game plan was going to have be a sloooooow process. </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$71:0″> <span style=”color: red;”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$73:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$74:0″>What were your goals when joining Crossfit:</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$75:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$77:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$78:0″>Right off the bat I knew I wanted to go to Regionals. I even put it as my goal on the entrance form. I can remember arrogantly passing over the form to Fran and hoping she looked down at it. Of course she didn’t and I walked into my first workout at CFCR and got my pride immediately ripped from me, I think I even coughed up a little blood that morning. </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$79:0″> <span style=”color: red;”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$81:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$82:0″>Have you achieved any of those goals</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$83:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$85:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$86:0″>Yes, but like any wonderful sports, their will always be someone ahead of you beating your times and scores at every single level. It’s fun, exciting and I find passion in making new goals. CrossFit combines awesome people, on all different levels all working out together for ALL different reasons. It always makes me realize how wonderfully different every individual is who steps into a Box. I can find myself rearranging my schedule to get to the Box to see friendly faces, cheer eachother on, and have a bunch of great laughs! </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$87:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$89:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248); color: red;”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$90:0″>Has Crossfit affected your life outside the gym:</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$91:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$93:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$94:0″>CrossFit doesn’t just affect your life, it becomes your life. The people, the workouts, the healthy eating all starts representing a huge portion of who you are. I try not to talk the kool-aid talk with non-CrossFitters though, it can go South real fast. </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$95:0″> <span style=”color: red;”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$97:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$98:0″>Any advice for people getting started:</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$99:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$101:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$102:0″>Yes! This is such a great sport for everyone, it can be scaled to fit your needs (let me tell you, EVERYONE has or does scale workouts.) It’s an easy in and out in one hour and is the biggest bang for your buck for your body. It incorporates strength and cardio. You will see amazing results faster, all while being Coached by an amazing staff who really care about your health, form, and personal goals. </span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$103:0″> <span style=”color: red;”><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$105:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$106:0″>Some of your recent accomplishments:</span></span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$107:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$109:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$110:0″>After being gone for over a year, being able to complete as RX’d WODs with handstand push-ups and rope climbs again. Next will be once again accomplishing my chest to bars, pistols, handstand walks ……….ahhh the list goes on and on.</span></span><br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$111:0″> <br data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$113:0″> <span style=”background: rgb(246, 247, 248);”><span data-reactid=”.1u.$mid=11421375458372=2b1199c29d79fad2605.2:$end:0:$114:0″>Thanks for choosing me for this week’s athlete of the week! I love being a part of Castle Rock CrossFit!</span></span></p> <p> </p> <p> <strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>30-20-10<br> <br> Plate Jump Over (2 ct)<br> KB Swings 53/35#<br> Russian Twist 45/25#<br> <br> * Complete 150′ Shuttle Distance, after each round</p> <p><strong>Gymnastic</strong></p> <p> </p> <p>3 Rounds, NFT:<br> 30 second L-sit hold<br> 20 Hand Stand Hold, alt hand pressure<br> 5 Bar roll overs</p> <p><strong>RX</strong><br> JLord 7:35<br> Josh 6:57<br> Rick 10:09<br> Belinda 6:34<br> Stevec 8:00<br> Justin 6:59<br> Tammi 7:17<br> Chandra 6:30<br> Meegan 7:04<br> Terra 6:00<br> Pat 7:10<br> Amanda 5:46<br> Courtney 7:02<br> Jeff 9:20<br> Michelle 9:26<br> Heidi 10:55<br> Gary 7:01<br> Nikki 8:56<br> Leslie 8:37<br> JD 10:00<br> Brooke 7:07<br> JohnLay 8:15<br> Wes 7:45<br> Garrett 7:50<br> Jon 8:01<br> AliciaS 5:54<br> BB 7:00<br> Audrey 8:50<br> Danette 11:39<br> Mer 6:17<br> Marie 6:56<br> JenP 5:55<br> Hollywood 7:27<br> Jason 6:08<br> BillH 9:00<br> LIndsey 8:18<br> Steph 7:53<br> Taylor 6:24<br> Greg 6:18<br> SpecialK 7:03<br> Joe 6:26<br> Fran 8:12 **My Zone 493 calories<br> Bill F 7:10<br> Phil 10:24<br> Rob B 8:59<br> Buckland 7:56<br> Scott E 7:18<br> J Lay 7:07<br> Chris 8:05<br> Jeremy 6:42<br> Justin 11:26<br> toph 7:12<br> P Diddy 6:41 **My Zone 493 calories<br> Wilma Jane 9:53</p> <p> <br> <strong>MOD</strong><br> MattH 8:02<br> KyleG 7:08<br> Max alt<br> Gretchen 8:57<br> JohnB 9:19 **My Zone 877 calories 1 hour 40 minutes<br> Janet 9:15<br> Joni 9:04<br> LInda 9:15<br> Liana 9:04<br> Tonya 8:38<br> JOeC 8:28<br> AmandaC 7:29<br> Jill 8:25<br> Brad 8:19<br> MIke 6:49<br> KyleH 7:00<br> Christine 7:32<br> Blake 7:19<br> Tracey 8:45<br> Michelle 9:10<br> B-rad 9:17<br> Darren 7:28<br> Lesa 7:51<br> Jack 6:16<br> Carrie 7:45<br> Gene 9:32 *My Zone 702 calories<br> Mick 6:53<br> Gooch 7:37</p>

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