Friday, January 2nd 2015

<p><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/swistak.jpg” style=””> </p> <p>TOMORROW IS THE DAY! </p> <p>LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!!<br> Olympic Weightlifting Clinic, Saturday, January, 3rd 2015<br> All Levels – 12:45pm – 3:30pm<br> Advanced – 3:45pm – 5:00pm<br> Limited to 20 Athletes:<br> All LEVELS 12:45pm-3:30pm Cost: CFCR/GYM Members $40 Non-Members $50<br> ADVANCED ONLY 3:45pm-5pm Cost: CFCR/GYM Members $20 Non-Members $25<br> COMBINING BOTH Cost: CFCR/GYM Members $50 Non-Members $60<br> SIGN UP AT THE FRONT DESK to reserve your spot today!! 303-663-4966</p> <p>Read about Steve Swistak here: </p> <p><a href=”…/”>…/</a></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p> 7 minute AMRAP:<br> 6 Overhead Squats<br> 12 Cal. Row<br> <br> Rest 3 minutes, then continue on identical rep for:<br> <br> 7 minute AMRAP:<br> 6 Power Cleans<br> 12 Wall Balls 20/14#</p> <p>(Example: If you finished your 3rd OHS when time elapsed, you will begin 2nd part on your 4th Power Clean.)<br> <br> Adv- 135/85#<br> Int- 105/70#<br> Beg- 75/55#</p> <p>* Score= Total Rounds + Reps</p> <p><strong>3</strong></p> <p> </p> <p>Tammi 7+6<br> JLord 8+12<br> John B 8 **My Zone – 1:48 minutes – 845 calories<br> Andrea 9+6<br> Nikki 9+11<strong> <br> </strong>Ray 9<br> Leslie 8+12<br> Mark 10+8<br> Audrey 8+16<br> Alicia 6+6<br> Chandra 9+6<br> Carolann 9+9<br> Adam B 10+6<br> Craig 7<br> Sara 10+6<br> Michelle 8+Brady 8+9<br> Alena 9+13<br> Special K 10<br> Jen P 10+5<br> Carrie 7+3<br> Tracey 8+1<br> Lindsay 7+8<br> Steph 7+11<br> Ryan 9+8<br> Sue 8+6<br> Dumas 8+10<br> Brett 10+6<br> Mendie 8+11<br> Tom 9<br> Erin 9+3<br> RobB 11+2<br> Joe 10+16<br> Justin 8+6<br> Brad 8+14<br> Aimee 7+8<br> <br> </p> <p><strong>2</strong></p> <p>Josh 9+11<br> Kyle 9+14<br> Alicia 9+3<br> Rob 8+6 – WELCOME!!<br> Brooke 8+6<br> Greg 9+6<br> Mroz 10+9<br> Carrie H 9+6<br> Steve 9+10<br> Vance 10+8<br> Amanda 10+9<br> Steve-<br> Ron 8+1 fs</p> <p><strong>1</strong></p> <p>Bill F 9+6<br> Heim 10+3<br> DP 10+1<br> Terra 8+9<br> Cory 10+1, FS<br> Tracy S 8+17<br> PDiddy 9+5 – **My Zone 763 calories!!<br> DLay 8+7<br> Toph 10+2<br> JLay 9+10, FS<br> Alicia 8+2</p> <br>

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