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Scaling is an adjustment of the workout to your individual needs. Scaling is not an apology or an excuse. And it’s not some bullshit way to talk down to yourself or anybody else.

The ubiquitous use of the term scaled is kind of unfortunate in our fitness world because it’s an ill-fitting term, but it’s too late now to go back and change the word.

If I could, I’d call it something more apt like “tailored” because everybody understands that clothing off the rack doesn’t always fit right, so you go to the tailor and get it fitted to your body.

But in our fitness world, as we increasingly geek over data, we seek to find more ways to make everything uniform so that we can measure who is the fittest or the fastest or the strongest or the best.  So we make one super-human standard and everyone else has to adjust off that standard. I get it. Makes sense. I used to be into that, but most of the time now I really don’t care for dick-measuring contests, but that’s just me.

See, I’m just me and I do my thing. Do I want to beat the person next to me in the workout? Oh hell yeah, sometimes I do. And sometimes I don’t give a flying frisbee. Sometimes I just want to still be breathing at the end of the workout. A little stronger, a little smarter, a little sexier, right?

Nor should you ever make anybody else feel small for scaling. It’s just a workout. There will be another one tomorrow. If you’re smart, you’ll scale that one to your abilities too.

Don’t lower your eyes or shrug your shoulders or mumble something about “not doing it RX.” Scaling is not an apology, so don’t talk like it is. You’ve offended no one and you have nothing to apologize for.

You were here. You did the work as hard as you wanted or needed to on this day. And life went on. Go out and kick ass.

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5 Rounds:

5 Box Jumps 30/24”
15 SDHP 75/55#
20 Wall Balls 20/14#

Core Down

75 Total Sit Ups

Kirk 1037
Jared 950
Amanda ?
Tammy 1543
Josh 1535
Chandler 1354
SM 1343
Natalie 1511
Michael 2045
Toph 1144
GLord 1527
Christa 1318
Terra 941
Jenny 1354
Travis 1018
Mckown 905
Travis 1430
Max L 853
Josh p 1212
Jtob 906
KK 1229
Bill F 841
Amy F 1706
Joe 1038
Sarah 1221
Amy B 1635
Kyle 1253
Erin 1401
Mer 1113
Patrick 1250
Erika 1446
Joe H 1037


Megan 1344
Aimee O. 1354
Ted 1540
Michelle 1603
Faith 1430
Christine 1524
Shaq 1258
Kathy 1401
Court 1339
Chris 1412
Tonya 1727
JLord 1505
Amber 1800
Mandy 1826
Cory 804
John 1552
Kelly 1728
Bre 1256
Joe 1420
Travis E 1421
Ashley S 1209
Bob 1155
B Rad 1347
Trina W 1218
Sam 1242
Don 1430
Shannon 1632

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