Friday, May 1, 2015

how-to-run-uphill (1)

(1) The most critical element is that you keep your chest up and open. The most common advice you might have received is to “lean into the hill”. Unfortunately, this causes many runners to hunch at the waist to lean forward. This constricts your airway and makes it harder to breathe deeply. You do need to lean forward, but make sure you lean at the hips, not the waist.

(2) Keep your head and eyes up, looking about 30 meters in front of you. Dropping your head restricts how much oxygen you can take in and will cause you to slouch. Likewise, drive your arms straight forward and back and use them as pistons. Your arms should form a 90-degree angle at the elbow, and swing straight back and forth, not across your body.

(3) Focus on driving your knee off the hill, not into the hill like you might do if you maintained your normal knee drive. Work on landing on the ball of your foot to spring up the hill.

(4) Plantar flex (point your toes towards the ground) at the ankle. Think of yourself exploding off your ankle and using that last bit of power to propel you up the hill with minimal energy expenditure. Focusing on plantar flexion can save you a lot of energy and really help you get up the hill faster and with less energy.

Part 1:
10 Hill Sprints – Rest 1 Min. Between Sets

Part 2:
Power Snatch (75/55#)

Travis 7:13
Matt H 9:03
Justin B 6:10
Vance 6:55
Max 9:16
Amanda 6:40
Terra 5:18
Mroz 7:33
Rick 9:37
Belinda 6:08
JLord 8:15
Meegan 7:56
Kyle G 7:05
Tyler 10:15
Brooke 9:00
Allen 7:27
Nikki 9:38
Michele 11:26
Jeff W 8:26
Trent 10:36
Linda H 847
Jen P 604
Crusher 734
Curt 447
Marie 602
Mer 741
Joe H 711
GLord 826
Hollywood 710
Jason 608
Josh P 713
Bill F 538
Steph F 1016
Rob B 513
Scott 755
Alex 830
Carolann 735
Spidey 730
Aimee 835
Joe M 902
DP 620
JTob 633
Curtis 1100
Pete 638
Nicole B 952
Nate 722
Chris W 538
Clay 455
DLay 445


Alicia C 7:43
Jacob 10:23
Gretchen 8:54
Joni 6:25
Barks 6:45
Sarah 955
Brandon 830
Kelsey 914
Jessica 1032
Carrie 1120
Alicia W 1046
Mandy 705
ERin 731
Erich 449
Melanie 648
April 833

Carrie H
B Rad
Steve S

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