Friday, November 14th 2014

<p style=”text-align: center;”><img style=”width: 500px; height: 500px;” src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/Wes_Mc.jpg”><br>  </p> <p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>ATHLETE OF THE WEEK</strong><br> Wes is fairly new to CrossFit but that hasn’t stopped him from diving in head first! Which is why us coaches have picked him for our next athlete of the week. He works hard, has already taken on a paleo challenge and is making some great progress on his wod times and mobility. Nice work thus far we look forward to watching you grow in your CrossFit journey!</p> <p><strong>Name-</strong>Wes McCloy<br> <strong>When did you start crossfitting-</strong>June 23, 2014<br> <strong>Favorite wod-</strong>I’m not sure I have a favorite one yet, but the ones that fall in the range of 15-20 minutes seem to give me my best workout.<br> <strong>Least favorite wod-</strong>So far probably Filthy 50, got to experience that one about a month after starting. That being said I wouldn’t skip that day if I knew it was the WOD, I would like to see how I’ve improved.<br> <strong>Favorite lift-</strong>Deadlift<br> <strong>Least favorite lift-</strong>Overhead Squat<br> <strong>Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)</strong><br> I’m married to my wife Ksena (might be joining Crossfit) for 6 years and we have 2 kids, Conor 2.5 yrs and Isabela, 6 months.I am a General Manager for a drilling company and have rigs drilling in the Bakken with plans to expand in the DJ and Permian Basins.My wife and I are originally from Edmonton Alberta Canada. In 2008 I transferred to Oklahoma to start a U.S. Division. We moved to Parker a year ago when I transferred again, this time to Denver when we decided to take most of the corporate structure that related to us out of Calgary. I enjoy being outdoors, whether it’s camping, ATVing, hiking, golfing, concerts, you name it. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world.<br> <br> <strong>What were you doing before CrossFit</strong><br> Nothing, I had gotten into a complete fitness slump that worsened over the past 5-7 years when I took an office job and spent most of my day sitting at work, on a plane or commuting which resulted in a sore back and shoulders with all kinds of mobility issues that sitting poorly brings. Add to my list of excuses, an overdue 2nd ACL replacement 2 years ago. I had wanted to get into something that would get me in shape but time seemed to keep passing with out getting started. I think it took me 9 months to actually start after I decided Crossfit was going to be that something.</p> <p><strong>What were your thoughts after your first crossfit workout</strong><br> It was 4 rounds of Run 400m, 12 Front Squats and 8 Push Jerks and I thought, Wow, I’m in worse shape than I ever imagined. (Must be the elevation) At the same time a sense of relief that I’m here and I just finished it no matter how bad my Mod time was. Also was just hopeful that I could get out of bed in the morning and actually move so I could come back tomorrow which I was actually able to do.<br> <br> <strong>What were your goals when joining crossfit</strong><br> I wanted to regain my mobility (mostly in shoulders), improve my cardio and gain some strength and learn some new techniques. Hoped becoming active would fix some of the back and knee issues I was dealing with.<br> <br> <strong>Have you achieved any of those goals</strong><br> It’s a work in progress. I’ve realized I made some pretty vague goals from when I started that should be redone. Pretty sad as I ask people at work to follow the SMART goal criteria. I guess all along the main goal was just keeping showing up…which I’ve achieved.<br> But on the ones I mentioned earlier… my shoulders have gained some mobility but certain movements have been causing me issues. I’ve started going to MAT and a chiropractor which so far have been a good investment in time and money but it’s still early where I can’t let it slip again. My cardio is improving, conditioning as well, strength gains in some areas but still lots of techniques to learn. Double unders and some of the Olympic lifts are ones I think need to focus on. Overall I’m happy with the progress I have made in 5 months but I need to invest a little more time to get better results and should really develop some new goals.<br> <br> <strong>Has crossfit affected your life outside the gym</strong><br> It has, lots of ways from feeling better to eating healthier to just making day to day activities easier.<br> <br> <strong>Any advice for people getting started</strong><br> First step and hardest one is just making it to and through day 1. Once you’ve done that, give it a fair chance. Pick a reason that’s important to you and use that as motivation to stay active. Work at a pace/weight that challenges but isn’t going to hurt you. Rx is a nice accomplishment but if you don’t come back for a week or more because it was too much then it wasn’t worth it for overall fitness/consistency. Of course do your best to listen to the coaches and don’t be afraid to ask questions.<br> <br> <strong>Some of your recent accomplishments</strong><br> Feel that I’m finally settled in/unpacked at home. Completed a strict 30 day Paleo challenge. Only other thing that comes to mind is I’m just glad to be a part of this and have a chance to type this out for whoever might read it.</p> <p><strong><br> WOD</strong></p> <p>”Open Workout 13.1″</p> <p>40 Burpees<br> 30 Snatch 75/35#<br> 30 Burpees<br> 30 Snatch  95/55#<br> 20 Burpees<br> 30 Snatch 135/75#<br> 10 Burpees<br> AMRAP Snatch 145/85#</p> <p>Adv weights 75/45, 135/75, 165/100, 210/120#<br> <br> <strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>RX<br> </span></strong>Heim 150 ADV<br> Max 127 ADV<br> Pat 137 ADV<br> Big Ben 144 ADV<br> Kenzie 150 ADV<br> Tammy 150<br> Josh 150<br> Meegan 160<br> Terra 167<br> JLord 122<br> Peyton 146<br> Courtney 150<br> Chandra 142<br> Andrea 119<br> Michelle 129<br> Mroz 132<br> Vance 122<br> Marie 159<br> Bill 150 adv<br> Sarah 138<br> Karen 150<br> Sara 142<br> Danette 140<br> Gooch 141<br> Aimee 116<br> Ginger 158<br> Ray<br> John 145<br> Jim 128<br> Garrett 123<br> JenP 151<br> SpecialK 150<br> Laura 175 adv<br> Ryan 145<br> Richard 141<br> Brett 160<br> Ryan 151<br> P Diddy 145 Adv<br> Audrey 143<br> J Lay 166<br> Gene 121<br> Steve s 150 Adv<br> DP 150 Adv<br> Clay 166 Adv<br> <br> <strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>MOD<br> </span></strong>Jimmy 146 – Welcome!<br> John B 141<br> Jeff 146<br> John B 153<br> Carrie 105<br> Blake 129<br> Steph 154<br> Christine 149<br> Crusher 175<br> Rick 110<br> Jared 154<br> Dumas 183<br> Denise 148<br> Lil Brad 167<br> Erin 174<br> Carolina 150<br> Melanie 160<br> Joe 150 </p> <p> </p>

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