Friday, October 13, 2017

Come cheer on your fellow CFCR athletes as they take on Festivus! We have seven teams competing on Saturday!  The Competition is located at Crossfit Loop, here in Castle Rock, so if you have any free time to come hang out and cheer on our CFCR athletes do so!  Heat times are posted below as well for you to look at.  We will all be heading to Maddies after for an after party celebration!

Teams are:
Kanon and Katie
Marion and Sarah
Kate and Katrina
Shannon and Jen R
Christy and Amy
Tonya and Erika
Megan and Trina




16 Minute AMRAP:

12 Push Press 95/65#
12 Alternating Pistols
12 Box Jumps 24/20”
200 Meter Run


Core Down
3 Rounds:

10 Alternating Arm V-Ups (Touch Left Arm only, Then Right Arm only, etc. )
20 Grashoppers

Best 4+31
Erin M 5+23
SM 6
Jared 6
Jeff W 5
JTob 6+12
PDiddy 6+18
Carrie 3+24
Campbell 5

Max 4+12
Jennifer 5
Gavin 4+5
Beth 4+18
Aimee O 4+26
Jim 4+27
Michele 4
Liana 4+12
Angie 4+2
Kate 4+31
KK 5
Joseph 4
Kevin 5+3
6’9″ 4
Ren 5+24
Chase 5
Brad 5
Ellie 4
Steve 5+6

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