Friday October 24th, 2014

<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong> <p style=”text-align: center;”><img style=”width: 300px; height: 300px; text-align: center;” src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/kyle_and_meredith.jpg”> </p> </strong></p> <p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>~COUPLES ATHLETES OF THE WEEK~</strong></p> <p>Our first couple’s athletes! In the short amount of time that these two have been with us they have made quite the impression. Always eager to learn and easy to coach. They have improved quickly and made some big gains! Us as coaches have loved them as an addition to our CFCR family and are excited to watch them continue to improve!</p> <p><strong>Name: </strong>Kyle & Meredith Gilbert<br> <br> <strong>When did you start crossfitting: </strong>Aug/Sept 2013</p> <p><strong>Favorite wod: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>Murph, Fight Gone Bad Or, anything with Running, Double Unders, Rope Climbs, or Box Jumps.<br> <strong>M-</strong>I guess I don’t have a single favorite, but I do like Murph for some reason. If it doesn’t involve pull-ups or heavy weight, I’m a fan. I guess, though it pains me to say it, if it involves running.</p> <p><strong>Least favorite wod: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>Fran, Isabel<br> <strong>M-</strong>Open 14.5, first and only WOD that I questioned what the heck I was doing. I’m not a fan of anything with running, ugh (yeah… it’s a love hate relationship).</p> <p><strong>Favorite lift: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>Deadlift<br> <strong>M-</strong>Hang Clean</p> <p><strong>Least favorite lift: <br> K-</strong>Thrusters, thrusters, and thrusters.<br> <strong>M-</strong>Snatch</p> <p><strong>Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..) <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>I’m married to my wonderful wife Meredith and we have 2 daughters (Kaiya – 6 and Brooklyn – 4).  We try to stay active and the girls keep us very busy.  I have a huge passion for anything and everything sports.  I can’t think of many sports that I haven’t played or wouldn’t be willing to try.  My favorite right now is definitely golf.  I’m already into the coaching scene with both our daughters and I’m a High School basketball official in the winter.<br> <strong>M-</strong>My world is my family. My husband Kyle, and daughters Kaiya and Brooklyn, are my motivation to be the best I can be. Our family is an active one and we are always busy, especially now that the girls are getting into sports. I get to work from home as a Technical Business Analyst which makes getting to crossfit a lot easier. I’ve always been an athlete doing various sports, but for some reason I chose swimming as my sport which was my life from 6thgrade through college, go CSU!! I’m trying to get better at golf so I can play with Kyle, but so far I’ve perfected driving the cart and staying hydrated through the 18 holes.</p> <p><strong>What were you doing before CrossFit: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>I had done P90X, a little Insanity, and had the 24 hour membership for a while.  I continually fell into ruts and wouldn’t stick with things after the first time through them.<br> <strong>M-</strong>As much as I don’t like it, I ran a ton to lose the baby weight and get back into shape. There was some triathlon training mixed in at one point and then P90X, which didn’t help me on the whole pull-up situation. At some point there was laziness, good food, and of course delicious beer that I enjoyed too often.</p> <p><strong><br> </strong></p> <p><strong>What were your thoughts after your first crossfit workout:<br> K-</strong>My first WOD was Josh and my initial thought was this is absolutely ridiculous and I think I might like it.<br> <strong>M-</strong>My first WOD was actually a hero WOD that my good friend Michelle convinced me to go to. Neither of us knew what the heck it was or what we were doing (people actually questions why chose that workout as our first), but after getting our butts kicked for the hour, we actually liked it and here we both are today.</p> <p><strong>What were your goals when joining crossfit:<br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>Some of my early goals were: double unders, deadlift more weight (225 when I started), kipping pullups, and RX workouts.<br> <strong>M-</strong>My main goal was to get back into shape, not the skinny type but the strong type. I have MS so anything to keep my strength, coordination, and balance is a must. Another goal of mine was to get into something that my whole family could participate in, and that I could be an example for my girls.</p> <p><strong>Have you achieved any of those goals: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>I definitely reached all of those goals and by more than I could’ve ever imagined.  103 DU’s in a row, 405 deadlift (still shocks me), 40 pullups in 2 minutes at Battle, and RX workouts a majority of the time now (unless there are HSPU, MU’s, or heavy weights).<br> <strong>M-</strong>I am definitely stronger and back in my element. I love the competition, the workouts, and the people, and it is a great stress reliever. Kyle is right there with me and helps motivate me to keep improving. As for my girls, Kaiya started CF last year in the kids class and loved it. Brooklyn always asks when she can work out too. Starting the foundation for them early is very important to me.</p> <p><strong>Has crossfit affected your life outside the gym: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>I think it has. I’m not an overly outgoing guy if I don’t know someone (unless I have a few beers).  But now that I’ve met and interacted with so many new people at CF I definitely feel more comfortable.  I’ve met some awesome people and made some great new friends at CF.<br> <strong>M-</strong>For sure! I just feel better all around. Of course I’m sore almost every week, but it’s a good sore. Our family is definitely eating better, especially after the Paleo/Spaleo challenge (go Paleo!). I’ve met some awesome people and great friends that make life both in and out of the gym fun.It’s part of our lives now and our family is healthier all around.</p> <p><strong>Any advice for people getting started: <br> </strong><strong>K-</strong>Listen, Listen, Listen, AND Ask Questions.  I’m amazed every day with how much our trainers know, and how much they continue to learn and pass the information along.  So listen to what they are telling you and ask questions on whatever is on your mind.  You will be shocked at how much they can help.The other thing would be, you will only get out of CF what you put in.  I didn’t realize how much more I could get out of myself until I trained for the Battle.  The extra workouts, encouragement, and time that our trainers will spend with you is invaluable.  If you really want to get in shape and just get better you have to put in the time.<br> <strong>M-</strong>Be realistic. I know for me, growing up as an athlete I pushed myself to the max in the sports that I did. I’m older now and that means my body isn’t what it once was, it takes me longer to get back to where I think I should be. Don’t go into your first workout, or even the workouts for the first couple of months, thinking you can and should RX everything. To RX workouts is awesome, but that shouldn’t always be your goal. Know your weaknesses and work on those, even if that means a MOD.</p> <p><strong>Some of your recent accomplishments:</strong></p> <p><strong>K-</strong>My most recent accomplishment is actually doing a Hand Stand Hold.  You read that right, a Hand Stand HOLD (stop laughing).  For those that saw me at the beginning of trying this, it was an ugly site.  But, with some help (and laughs) from trainers and fellow CF’s, I can finally kick into and hold a hand stand.  YEAH ME!Also, doing my first competition (Battle at the Rock).  It was a great experience and showed me some things that I really need to work on.  I loved competing and can’t wait for the Turkey Challenge.<br> <strong>M-</strong>I did a legit pistol on both legs, multiple times! Even though I hated it the whole time, I did a mile in under 7:30 and I know I can go faster the next time. My New Year’s resolution was to be able to do a pull-up, and yes only one since I am nowhere close for some unknown reason, and I am actually close. I guess we will see if I make it….</p> <p><strong>WOD<br> </strong><br> 3 Rounds: <br> 400 meter Run<br> 40 Bar Jumps (1-ct)<br> 200 meter Run<br> 20 Thrusters 95/65#</p> <p><strong>RX</strong></p> <p>Ryan 22:04<br> Terra 19:22<br> Meegan 22:10<br> Chandra 19:24<br> Ryan 22:16<br> Vance 14:41<br> Clayton 15:51<br> Curt 15:23<br> Marie 21:12<br> Kenzie 21:06<br> Bill F 15:57<br> Blake 17:55<br> Mark 17:54<br> Meredith 17:49<br> Josh P 17:14<br> Mroz 19:22<br> Dan 21:30<br> Pepper 21:44<br> Dan 21:30<br> Josh 21:26<br> Laura 15:45<br> DeEtte 24:22<br> Greg 18:39<br> Eric 17:29<br> Bill H 18:21<br> Ryan 23:23<br> Marion 18:12<br> Steph 22:55<br> Jeff 26:53<br> Carrie h 23:59<br> Brett 16:14<br> Jeff 16:54<br> Scott E 19:44<br> J Lay 20:41<br> Alicia H 17:29<br> Amanda 16:34<br> Joe 18:50     </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>MOD</strong></p> <p>Rick 24:14<br> Kat 26:08<br> Tammi 25:23<br> Andrea 25:03<br> Sandy 21:38<br> John 18:40 Welcome<br> Stephanie 18:15 Welcome<br> Michelle 23:04<br> Gretchen 19:56<br> Gary 14:30<br> Adam 21:58<br> Leslie 18:50<br> Jeff 22:27<br> Belinda 15:47<br> Brooke 19:58<br> John 21:55<br> Aimmee 24:53<br> Liana 21:09<br> Sabina 24:53<br> Sara 20:45<br> Hollywood 19:41<br> Grace 21:37<br> Ashley 22:21<br> Jodi 22:36<br> Denette 24:50<br> Christine 23:30<br> Lesa 27:42<br> Steve 19:01<br> Matt 24:24<br> Carolina 24:06<br> Carrie 21:19 2 Rds<br> Jen 23:14<br> Darren 17:47<br> Ron 16:48<br> Chris 20:42<br> Justin 22:00<br> April 16:24<br> Erin 22:20<br> <br> </p>

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