Friday, October 31st, 2014

<p><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/zombies.jpg” style=””><br> <br>  </p> <p><strong>ZOMBIE WOD</strong></p> <p>800 Meter Run<br> 60 Sit ups<br> 50 Air Squats<br> 40 Push Ups<br> 30 Pull Ups<br> 400 Meter Run</p> <p>`If you are alive you will start the workout with the first group (random)If you are a “Zombie” you will start the workout 3 minutes after the living people and try to catch them.</p> <p>*If you are a Zombie you must catch at least one person. If you fail to catch somebody you must do a penalty of 25 burpees after the workout. </p> <p>**If you are alive and you get caught by any Zombies then you must also do 25 burpee<br> <br> <br> <strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>RX</span></strong><br> Meegan 1924 Z*<br> Josh 1557 Z<br> Brink 1703 Z*<br> Pete 1222<br> Milt 1105<br> Belinda 1341<br> Terra 1255<br> Matt H 1424<br> Jason 1516 Z<br> Steve C 1717 Z*<br> Gary 1314 Z<br> Jeff 1435 *<br> Curt 1313 Z<br> Chris 1325*<br> Sean 15:42*<br> Mark 12:22<br> Bill F 10:27<br> Aimee 21:59 Z*<br> Joe H 14:24 Z<br> Campbell 10:40<br> Kyle H 21:01*<br> Josh P 15:50 Z<br> Laura 11:55<br> Cory 12:19 Z<br> Toph 12:57 *<br> John F 11:15<br> Spencer 10:48<br> Bill H 13:13<br> Linda 16:57*<br> TRace 15:07 *<br> Carrie 17:16 *<br> Alicia 16:03 Z*<br> Kapitan 14:34 Z<br> Chelsee 13:59 Z<br> Greg 14:32 Z<br> Jen P 15:40 Z<br> Joe 16:04 *<br> Eric 14:36* <br> DP 12:12 <br> Darren 14:58 *<br> Jeremy 12:29 Z <br> Joe 12:24<br> DLay 14:19 Z<br> Ron 15:53 Z*<br> Wes 15:29 Z*<br> Amanda 16:13 Z*<br> JLay 13:32</p> <p> </p> <p> <strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>MOD</span></strong><br> Max 2018 Z*<br> Adam B 1909 Z*<br> Rick 1952 Z*<br> Andrea 2030 Z*<br> Tammi 1801 Z*<br> Sp K. 1340<br> Jen 1609*<br> Kat 1630*<br> Trisha 1205<br> Gretchen 1630 Z*<br> Leslie 1335*<br> Brooke 1713 Z*<br> JD 1248<br> Kenzie 19:49<br> Devon 22:31*<br> Kelly 16:19*<br> Dan 14:18 Z*<br> Erin 12:40 <br> DeEtte 18:37<br> Stacy 19:53 Z*<br> Audrey 19:01 Z<br> Jill 16:39*<br> Liana 21:29 Z*<br> Kerry 21;16 Z*<br> Sara 16:20<br> Christine 19:58 Z*<br> Leesa 17:13 Z*<br> Crusher 11:54<br> Brynn 17:50*<br> Grenna 18:01*<br> Brad 15:15 Z*<br> Blake 18:38 Z*<br> Trig 17:28 Z*<br> Grace 13;42<br> Gale 21:08 Z*<br> Sue 16:19*<br> Marion 16:31 Z*<br> Carolina 15:13*<br> Kyle 14:15 Z * <br> Brian 13:45<br> Garrett 14:04<br> Jim 15:17 Z *<br> Dumas 14:26 Z *<br> Tim 15:28 Z*<br> Kalyn 13:33 *<br> Jeff 14:48 (ROM)<br> Gooch 14:04 <br> <br> </p> <p> </p> <p> <br> <strong>Z = Zombie (Subtract 3 minutes from posted time for actual time)<br> </strong><strong>* = Performed 25 Burpees at end of workout</strong></p> <p> </p>

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