Friday, September 26th 2014

<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/sandy.jpg” style=”top: 103px; width: 281px; height: 349px;”><br> ATHLETE OF THE WEEK</strong></p> <p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>SANDY WILLIAMS</strong></p> <p style=”text-align: center;”>Sandy has had some major accomplishments in her short CrossFit career already. We love watching her in the 5:30am class! She is always ready to work hard in any wod you put in front of her. She should also be awarded extra points for having to put up with Rob’s jokes and smart remarks all while she is kicking his butt! Thanks for being you Sandy!</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong>Name:</strong> Sandy Williams or Rob’s wife</p> <p><strong>When did you start Crossfit:</strong> July 2013</p> <p><strong>Favorite WOD:</strong> Fight Gone Bad – Love the challenge</p> <p><strong>Least favorite WOD:</strong> I really don’t have a least favorite, but if I had to choose, I’d</p> <p>have to go with Filthy Fifty – utterly exhausting!!</p> <p><strong>Favorite Lift:</strong> Anything with squats (is that a lift?)</p> <p><strong>Least Favorite Lift:</strong> Snatch (HATE IT!!)</p> <p><strong>A little about myself:</strong> I just started Radiology Tech school in August and work<br> part time at Reebok in the Outlet Mall. I have a wonderful husband, Rob (most<br> of you know him!), who supports me in every aspect of my life. Two beautiful<br> children – my son, Rob, who will come be my partner for Saturday WODs and<br> my daughter, Grace, who can not wait to start CF. I am also a hockey mom and<br> a lacrosse mom – I am a totally different person at the ice rink or on the lacrosse<br> field! I can’t to wait to hit the slopes this year. We are a snowboarding family!<br> I was born and raised in Connecticut. Rob is in the Army so we have had the<br> privilege of living in many places – Germany, Colorado, Texas and Maryland/<br> DC… but Colorado is home!! School, work, family and friends… who could ask<br> for anything more.</p> <p><strong>What were you doing before CF?</strong> Before CF, I was taking fitness classes at a<br> gym (mostly Les Mills programs – Body Combat, Body Pump). I had started<br> running (ran a half marathon a couple years ago) but I stopped because it was<br> hurting my shins and heels. Now, I am starting to like it again so we’ll see how it<br> goes.</p> <p><strong>What were your thoughts after your first CF workout?</strong> I fought going to CF for<br> several years. Every time my husband came home, complaining about how sore<br> he was, icing his neck or his knee, all I could think was “why would someone<br> willingly do that to themselves?!?” Then we moved back to Colorado and Rob<br> wanted to start coaching… soooo I gave in and decided to try it and now here I<br> am 14 months later IN LOVE WITH IT!! My first WOD was called 1776. It was on<br> of July 4th of July. I thought I was going to die!! It fed into my competitive side and  I was hooked!</p> <p><strong>Goals joining CF:</strong> I can’t say I started with any specific goal in mind. Maybe<br> just making it through the WOD in one piece! But now I have goals and have to<br> remind myself “One at a time!”</p> <p><strong>Any goals recently achieved? </strong>Handstand push-up without a mat!! It’s now my<br> favorite movement (until I reach another goal!!). Now I am hoping to get chest-to-<br> bar pull ups. (And I LOVE setting new PRs on strength days!)</p> <p><strong>Has CF affected your life outside the gym?</strong> ABSOLUTELY!! I feel more confident<br> about everything I do. I love how I feel. The friendships I have made over the<br> past year have been such a blessing in my life. I could not have made it to where<br> I am today in CF without the support, strength and encouragement of my 5:30am<br>  crew! Love you guys!</p> <p><strong>Any advice for those starting out with CF?</strong> You don’t have to come out of the<br> starting gate running. It’s a journey. Don’t stay away because you aren’t lifting<br> what the guy next to you is lifting (yet) or you aren’t doing as many push ups<br> (yet). We all started lifting with just a bar. We were all in your shoes at one point<br> and remember what it was like. Enjoy your journey. We are here for support and<br> encouragement and will be just as excited as you when you reach a goal. Have<br> fun! You won’t regret it!</p> <p><strong>Recent Accomplishments:</strong> My most recent accomplishment was being accepted<br> into Radiology Tech school this summer. With my kids getting older and no plans<br> to move anywhere, I decided it was my time to go back to school. I am looking for<br> a career, not just a job. I am excited to see where this will take me!<br> In the gym, I feel like every day is an accomplishment. Every day presents a<br> new challenge and I look forward to it every time my alarm goes off (most days<br> anyhow!) – 5am comes fast!</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>10 Deadlift 245/165#</p> <p>5 Rounds:</p> <p>5 Pull Ups<br> 10 Push Ups<br> 15 Air Squats</p> <p>10 Deadlifts 245/165#</p> <p>5 Rounds:</p> <p>5 Pull Ups<br> 10 Push Ups<br> 15 Air Squats</p> <p>10 Deadlifts 245/165#</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Results<br> <br> </strong>Josh 1832<br> Tammy 1515<br> Andrea 1726<br> Sandy 1528<br> Brink 1609<br> Pete 1600<br> Heim 1226<br> Max 1803<br> Big Ben 1241<br> Meegan 1745<br> Kat 1759<br> Adam B 1832<br> Carolann 1400<br> Milt 937<br> Steve C 1800<br> Alyssa 1824<br> Courtney 1549<br> Wes 1730<br> Terra 1431<br> Jenny ? <br> Pat 1445<br> Chandra 1539<br> Heidi 1824<br> Joni 1734<br> Michelle 1731<br> Jeff 1935<br> Leslie 1737<br> Janet 1730<br> Marion 1517<br> Tony 849<br> Brooke 1828<br> McLean 1937<br> Curt 1006<br> Jason 1818<br> Tim 1931<br> Belinda 1348<br> Marie 1952<br> Campbell 1252<br> MikeMac 1816<br> Crusher 1819<br> Gooch 1531<br> Jon S 2024<br> Audrey 1957<br> Toph 1520<br> Hollywood 1900<br> Sherry 1935<br> HMroz 2254<br> Mark 1639<br> Liana 1919<br> Bill H 1930<br> TRace 1615<br> Erin 1500<br> Kapitan 1322<br> Ray 1612<br> LR 15:00<br> Ryan F 19:53<br> Joe C 19:54<br> Lesa 14:21<br> Carolina 14:14<br> Jen 10:36<br> Andrew L 16:36<br> Erich 16:44<br> J lay 14:25<br> Megan 14:59<br> Brett 13:12<br> Joe 14:56<br> Rob 13:57<br> Kyle 13:41<br> D Lay 11:27<br> April 15:40<br> Justin 16:57<br> Danette 17:44<br> Liz 21:13<br> Alicia 13:18<br> Jeremy 12:09<br> Steve 13:34<br> Clay 11:31</p>

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