habit 2


habit 2


Eat protein dense foods with EACH meal

This is somewhat controversial. Some experts will have you believe that additional

protein is somehow harmful or unnecessary. However, the research is pretty clear: in

healthy individuals, a higher-protein diet is completely safe. And not only is it safe, it

may actually be important for achieving the best health, body composition and

performance. The truth is,it’s hard to achieve all three of these with a suboptimal protein


Here is what I recommend:

A portion size of protein is visually about the size of the palm of your hand, between 20

and 30g. Women should get one portion of protein per meal (20-30g), and men should

get two portions per meal (40-60g)

By following this advice, you will ensure adequate intake of protein and also stimulate

your metabolism, improve your muscle mass, recovery, and reduce your body fat.

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