I also want to say Thank You! To the staff at The Gym of Castle Rock, everyone I’ve met and talk with has been great.

*Results may vary from person to person.
I’m Finally getting to sit and reflect on my journey over the course of at least 10yrs.. with constant pain in my lower back, my right leg, hips and the calf just below the knee. Sharp unrelenting pain in my lower leg and hip. A simple trip to the grocery store would put me on the floor in pain, I would be done for the day.
Over the years I’ve tried chiropractors, acupuncture, had an MRI and Cortisone shot in my spine, did physical therapy, massage therapy, weight loss, diet changes, I was taking: Advil, muscle relaxers, nerve pain, and of course depression.

Needless to say I was give up, thinking I would end up having to live in pain and on drugs that didn’t help, just mask the pain for a while. And not very good at that.

I was heading to get another MRI and cortisone shot which I didn’t want to do, not realizing how dangerous it was until after the fact.
By chance (or karmic intervention) – my husband wanted to keep in shape during the winter so he was checking out gyms. We went to THE GYM in Castle Rock. I went because there was a pool and figured I could at least swim or do anything that would be a low impact exercises to help keep me moving.
That’s the day that really changed my life and gave me hope again. We met with Andrew who talked to us about a trainer, Ryan Christy, who’s helped others in my situation with amazing results.. he told me how you have worked with tons of people in chronic pain, even with disabled Veterans in the Springs.
We joined the gym that day, I left thinking how great it would be this really worked, to not be in pain any longer, and be able to do all the things I hadn’t been able to do. To be able to do all the things my husband and I thought of doing since we retired.

To be honest my first session with you – I was skeptical. I’m thinking to myself how in the world is this going to help rid me of my pain, but by the end of the hour I was amazed that my pain was gone. You also showed me what to do if and when the pain did come back. Now that I’ve worked with you a few months, I’m no longer on any pain meds, I have my energy back, depression gone and just jazzed about life again.
I’m feeling empowered, energetic and mobile instead of feeling like a broken down old lady. The pain is gone now, and if the pain does come back I have the tools I need to fix it. It’s incredible. You’ve empowered me with the tools to keep me free from pain ad healthier than I’ve been in years..

Ryan, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done to help me.
I feel so blessed to have my health back and to not be in pain.

I also want to say Thank You! To the staff at The Gym of Castle Rock, everyone I’ve met and talk with has been great.
*Results may vary from person to person.

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    Wow, what an inspiring sorry! Incredible.... Nice work Ryan!
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    awesome. Nice work!
  3. Carrie Reply
    SUPER "like"

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