Monday, August 11th 2014

<p>FOR SALE:</p> <p>Custom Pull up rig that our gym has out grown! 21′ long by 6′ wide. 5 years old, very durable, built in supports, built in monkey bar ladder. Can fit 15 athletes at one time. Great condition, nothing wrong with it.  CFCR purchased a new larger one due to growth. We have a welder that will disassemble and reassemble at your cost. <br> <img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/pullup1.jpg” style=”float: left; margin-right: 6px;”><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/pullup2.jpg” style=”margin-right: 6px; vertical-align: middle;”></p>   <p> </p> <p>”Filthy Fifty”</p> <p>For time:</p> <p>50 Box Jumps 24/20″<br> 50 Jumping Pull-ups<br> 50 KB Swings 35/25#<br> 50 Alternating Lunges<br> 50 Knee to Elbow<br> 50 Push Press 45/35#<br> 50 Goodmornings 45/35#<br> 50 Wall Balls 20/14#<br> 50 Burpees<br> 50 Double Unders</p> <p><strong>RX</strong></p> <p>Mroz 29:39<br> Pete 29:25<br> Big Ben 31:24<br> Pat 25:58<br> Josh 35:53<br> Meegan 31:53<br> Terra 30:45<br> SteveC 31:39<br> Max 37:40<br> KyleG 29:04<br> LauraR 22:50<br> Clayton 26:55<br> GAry 24:51<br> Chris 31:23<br> Belinda 26:52<br> Jason 31:17<br> Jeff 30:08<br> Kurt 23:54<br> Lindsay 37:02<br> Jared 23:53<br> Sherry 33:43<br> Alicia 30:44<br> IceMan 30:26<br> Cory 19:26<br> Richard 31:09<br> TRacey 31:23<br> JoshP 27:10<br> Marie 41:57<br> Gregg 27:13<br> P Diddy 27:40<br> D Lay 24:57<br> Sp. K 25:25<br> Justin 27:52<br> Addie 30:02<br> Steve 24:13<br> Vance 19:07<br> Bill F. 26:56<br> Andrew L. 23:53<br> J 36:03<br> Jo 30:42<br> Dp 24:56<br> Emmalee 23:53</p> <p><strong>MOD</strong></p> <p>MattH 35:01<br> John 41:50<br> Alyssa 32:40<br> Rick 34:53<br> Courtney 32:26<br> TAmmi 32:18<br> Kat 37:24<br> LauraK 36:30<br> Mendie 28:31<br> Gretchen 31:10<br> Andrea 37:47<br> Michelle 38:11<br> Joni 33:28<br> Janet 33:31<br> Jeff 37:04<br> Berta 32:25<br> Stephanie 31:16<br> Nichole 27:05<br> Leslie 28:27<br> Marshal 37:35<br> WAM 39:59<br> Toph 23:37<br> JD 35:20<br> ChrisL 33:00<br> Mark 30:46<br> Marion 25:07<br> Brad 30:40<br> HMroz 34:00<br> Roger 31:00<br> JenP 32:47<br> Karen 31:28<br> Rimkus 36:29<br> Amanda 36:57<br> Audrey 35:05<br> KellyG 34:29<br> Terra 32:27<br> Liana 33:35<br> DeEtte 33:07<br> Becky 31:03<br> Hollywood 36:36<br> Jon 29:04<br> Becca 34:50<br> Jimmy 40:30<br> Tim 25:01<br> Garrett 35:05<br> Erich 41:58<br> Lesa 37:34<br> Matt 41:00<br> Kenzie 31:56<br> Scott 31:50<br> Carolina 34:57<br> Laura 34:55<br> Nathan 30:22<br> J Lay 28:19<br> Jill 34:21<br> Alena 23:02<br> Darius 32:19<br> Claudia 32:25<br> Dumas 25:34<br> Wes 36:40<br> Ryan 33:08<br> April 37:01<br> Justin 37:20<br> Gene 37:40<br> Meredith 27:34<br> Dylan 17:07<br> Aimee 37:31<br> Alicia H. 26:34<br> Fran 32:13<br> Tony 15:58<br> Ron B 30:05<br> Ian 16:59<br> Jeremy 21:04<br> Chandra 29:47<br> Kayle 23:28<br> Shelby 18:95<br> Jeff 33:39<br> Melissa 21:00<br> Ron D 32:58<br> <br> </p>

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