Monday, February 19th, 2018

CFCR will now be providing a  personalized weekly endurance program for athletes looking to optimize their aerobic capacity. This is a supplemental program to be done in addition to your daily crossfit classes. This program aims to help athletes increase performance, by developing a stronger and more efficient “motor”.

As we continue to develop and grow this program, we will begin by providing athletes with 2 supplemental aerobic capacity workouts to be completed on their own before or after a class WOD.  It is recommending that these be spaced throughout the week as best fits that particular athletes schedule.  Because we have unpredictable weather in the remaining winter and upcoming spring months, we will try to monitor weather and provide running, rowing and biking workouts.  As the weather continues to warm in the upcoming months, we will transition into track workouts.

This is designed to be an ongoing program, however because it is individualized the first two weeks on the program will be testing weeks.  Setting a baseline is important for personalized interval times as well as retesting periodically.

Once registered for the program, weekly workouts will be sent via email to each athlete participating. Because this is individualized, workouts are set specifically for each athlete, not for anyone else.  By keeping the aerobic capacity program at only $20/month ($35/month for couples on the same account), we want for it to be inclusive but also just for those enrolled in the program.

Ready to register, sign up at the gym! Must have a minimum of 10 participants to begin program.
What to expect this week?
Final day of Deadlift Cycle before deload week. Sprint Work – Descending ladder. Light squatting, gymnastics on pull up bar.
Regular CF – Sprint cycles – rowing, moderate pulling, body weight gymnastics
Endurance – Lengthy EMOM. Rowing, moderate pulling, body weight gymnastics
Partner work. Moderate squatting, jumping and core work
An active recovery open prep day. Light cardio, mobility and core. Letting your body recover well before tomorrow. Endurance class will be the same as the regular CF class.
Deadlift Cycle – Day 1 – Week 2
5 Reps @ 75% of 90% of 1RM
3 Reps @ 85% of 90% of 1RM
1+ Reps @ 95% of 90% of 1RM

Toe to Bar
Med Ball Clean (20/14#)

8 Seated DB Press
20s Side Star Plank/side
8 Bird Dogs/side

Best 723
JFruh 555
Joe H 659
Sully 619
Garza 602
Jeff W 606
Jordan 557
Hollywood 757
Curt 807
Tammi C 606
Josh 720
Zach 553
Max 426
Kylee 637
Kevin 614
Annie 635
Christy 655
Loveland 758
John A 555
Terra 458
Kapitan 553
Goodnow 555
KGilb 552
Darren 619
Zach 640
PDiddy 512
Travis 549
Hamer 510
Mer 527
Aimee F 513
SPK 633
Danny A 610
CarolAnn 600
Beth 741
Alan 557
Sarah 444
Carrie 802
Patrick 539
Coltt 840
Nicole 845

Max 827
Richard 623
Andy D 631
Mike T 630
Scotty P 514
Barb S 636
Michele 654
Shaq 651
Erin H 639
Ginger 517
6’9″ 611
Josh C ALT
Kathy 724
Big Mike 510
Aimee O 508
Bill H 520
Dave 513
Max H 505
Christine 511
Amy 450
Alena 504
Trina 520
Budge 515
Brad 620
Jeff 615
Nataleigh 809
Portia 854
Jen R 603
Clayton 555
Shannon 854
Adam 605
Ellie 719


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