Monday, January 1st, 2018


Every January, millions of people set a new years resolution, usually it’s a very generic “I want to lose weight” of “I want to be healthier”.  Very few of those individuals follow through on that resolution; many not making it past January.  

Are you looking to be the healthiest version of you?  Start this year off right by creating a healthy mindset and relationship with food and setting yourself up for success with foundational habits that fit into your lifestyle.  Real Food for Real Life!

Eating right doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to control your life.  No fad diet is going to get you to where you want to be and by no means is it going to be as easy as advertised. By setting up small good habits, a change can take place!  

Our 6 week group nutrition class begins Wednesday, January 17th at 6:30pm with Coach Jocelyn!!!  Sign up before its full, only 10 spots available!


What to expect this week?
2018 inspired workout. Rowing, heavy cleans at low reps, light KB swings
Regular CF – Day 1 of Squat Cycle with accessory work, Jump Rope Test, Quick squats and body weight aerobics
Endurance – 3 part workout. Jumping, multiple squat forms and body weight aerobics
Strict Pressing, Descending ladder workout with Olympic lifting from the hang and core work
Regular CF – Day 2 of Squat Cycle with accessory work, light squatting with press and increasing body weight movement on the minute
Endurance – Rowing, light squatting with press and increasing body weight movement on the minute
Up the ladder, back down the ladder – chipper style. Moderate pulling, pull up bar gymnastics and running
Teams of 4. Satan’s bicycle, body weight movement, light squatting with press


New Year’s Day WOD
Finish Both Pieces for Time:

2018m Row
4 Rounds:
1 Power Clean
18 KB Swings (35/25#)
L1: 115/75#, L2: 135/95#, L3: 155/105#, L4: 185/135#

*Athletes must row at least 500m every time they get on the rower
*Athletes must finish a round if they start one before returning to the rower

Core Down
2 Rounds:
30s left side plank, 30s standard plank, 30s right side plank

Ashleigh 1344
Michelle 1441
Riad 1245
Mroz 1209
Paytra 1618
Amber 1354
Kevin 1247
Shawn 1400
SueAnn 1440
Shannon 1406
Brad 1350
Ellie 1613
Nataleigh 1502
Melanie 1545
Beth L n1550
Trina 1347

Chris 1235
Aimee O 1403
Jon S 1142
Portia 1515
John A 1423
Ryan 1034
KK 1342
Alan 1419

Tonya 1315
Scotty P 1220
Richard 1319
Darren 1152
GLord 1342
JLord 1427
Mandy 1343
Tara 1212
Sully 1150
Caleb 1226
Bre 1458
Andrew 1141
Patrick 1133
Annie 1402
Tweedy 1544
Hollywood 1406
JLay 1202
Megan 1204
Carrie 1229

Kirk 1100
Mckown 1022
Jeff W 1244
Garza 1341
Brett 1145
JFruh 1248
ERock 1414
SM 1030
Jared 950
Smitty 1242
Big Ben 1108
SP.K 1209
Herder 1226
KGilb 1149
Cory 1024
Kapitan 1122
Bob 1350
Joe H 1117
Sarah 1326
Jen R 1343
Vance 1105
Bill F 1053
Robin 1311
PDiddy 1022
Aimee F 1443
Heom 1129
Jordan 1217



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