Monday, January 12th, 2015

<p><img style=”width: 259px; height: 412px;” src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/Leja_Decker.jpg”><img style=”width: 259px; height: 412px;” src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/Heather_Vasquez.jpg”> </p> <p>Please welcome members Leja Decker & Heather Vasquez to our CFCR family!</p> <p><strong>WOD</strong></p> <p>“Cindy”</p> <p>20 minute AMRAP:<br> 5 Pull-ups<br> 10 Push-ups<br> 15 Air Squats<br> <br> <strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>RX<br> </span></strong>Big Ben 18+1<br> Joe 17+2<br> Terra 19+15<br> Josh 15+6<br> Belinda 13<br> Keith 13+5<br> Mark 15<br> Jeff 12+9<br> Vance 20+16<br> Hollywood 11+3<br> Sherry 11+15<br> Ryan F 17+7<br> Jason 14+11<br> Conti 11+2<br> Cory 23+10<br> Brad 11+1<br> Garrett 11+11<br> Toph 13+1<br> Bill H 14+1<br> Kapitan 19+4<br> Lindsay 9+13<br> Gregg 16+8<br> Barnett 12<br> Fran 12+10<br> Brenda?<br> Brett 17+13<br> Scott E 12+18<br> J Lay 14<br> Phil 10+3<br> Anthony 13+25<br> Rob B 15+5<br> Buckland 14+5<br> Erich 14+12<br> Darren 13+5<br> Alicia S 13_15<br> Scott 9+5<br> Nate 11+1<br> Wes 14+2<br> John Lay 15+8<br> Dumas 16+10<br> Carrie 12+13<br> P Diddy 15+3<br> CLay 18<br> Chris N 15+12<br> Amanda ?<br> Tim 17+16<br> Aimee 16+15<br> Barb 12+20<br> D Lday 19+20<br> Richard 11+10<br> DP 25+25<br> Andrew L 20+1<br> Jeff 13+10<br> Milt 19+2<br> Ryan 12</p> <p><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>MOD<br> </span></strong>JLord 15+15<br> Amy 8+row welcome!!!<br> Chandra 14+3<br> Courtney 14+3<br> Rob W 12+7<br> Sandy 14+8<br> Tammi 14+2<br> Alicia C. 8+row<br> Meegan 11+14<br> Andrea 12<br> Jacob 7+10<br> Janet 13<br> Michelle 12+5<br> Nikki 15<br> Budge 11+4<br> Grace 11+13<br> Nicholl 13+15<br> Sarah 10+4<br> Roger 9<br> Crusher 13+15<br> Stephens 10+10<br> Sabina 9+5<br> KK 13+13<br> Brooke 10+10<br> HKilby ALT<br> Lindsey11<br> Leja 8+Row Welcome!!<br> K Best 8<br> Dahl 10<br> Leah 9+15<br> Mandy 9 Welcome!<br> Christine 9<br> Norm – Welcome!!<br> Erin 17+7<br> Audrey 14+3<br> Joni 13+28<br> Brian 12+9<br> Michelle 12<br> Jen P 18<br> Tracey 15+5<br> Justin 13+5<br> Tonya 12+7<br> Mick 12+5<br> Casey 22<br> Jo 11+22<br> Melissa 9+11<br> Carola 10<br> Aaron 7<br> Judy 7<br> Randy 10<br> Benjamin 9+1<br> Deana 10+12<br> Wendy 12+1</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>

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