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     When it comes to improving our fitness, the first step is knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Most of us generally have a good idea of our abilities. For example, maybe you love the long bodyweight metcons because you have good cardio, but when it comes to a heavy barbell you can’t seem to hang. And that’s a great start, but how in depth do you know your specialty?

     Our goal in Crossfit is to be well rounded. We want to fill in the gaps and be pretty good at everything. Sure everyone will have some workouts favor them, but we want to be capable of it all and pretty steady across the board. This second post about Beyond the Whiteboard is to show you one of the many great tools this application holds. Take a look at this picture taken of my “fitness dashboard.” Beyond The Whiteboard breaks down fitness into subcategories and each workout you log is broken down into these categories. As you can see from these graphs I have some large variance in my fitness. Ideally I would have the bars in each category on this graph at about the same height. Now this is not the most accurate because I have been recovering from an injury, but the great thing is as I continue my recovery I know what I need to work on! Now when I workout I try to do more of the stuff in the red and spend less time on the blue. It has been great to have an objective approach to my workouts!  Stay Tuned for more info to come…

-Coach Taylor


3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

20 Overhead Squats 75/55#

20 Box Jumps 24/20”
ADV: 95/65#

3 Rounds:

12 “V” Ab wheels
20 Grashoppers

Clay 1345
Fruh 1430
Amanda 1118
Smitty 1254
Longo 1202
Cates 1456
Belinda 1152
Terra 1112
Cory 1059
Chase 1630
David D 1210
PDiddy 1334
KK 1238
Aimee 1417
Bill F 1118
Spencer 1049
Dlay 1131
DP 1556

Ben S 1629
Vance 1028
Best 1522
Kyle G 1348
Aubree 1333
Josh 1358
Tammi 1723
Jordan 1429
G mello 1253
J Lord 1527
Mandy 1747
Nichol 1631
Carolann 1541
Jen D 1338
Sully 1628
Herder 1710
Brett 1525
GLord 1610
Bre 1406
Hollywood 1841
BillH 1629
Max 1054
McKown 1327
Brad 1444
Gregg 1714
Kirk 1129
Jason 1510
Adam 1647

Shaq 1714
Gretchen 1505
Trish 1759
Janet 1437
Chad 1600
Carrol 1529
Sabrina 2027
Grant 1436
Christy 1804
Meghan 1742
Mckay 1843
Allison 1739
Brian 1615
Krista 19
Barks 1743
Mello 1725
Frank the Tank 1542
Gabe 1811
Caroline 1729
Christine 1830
B 1434
Katrina 1746 Welcome!
Cassie 1639
Susie 1600
Nat 1625
Gene 1752
Mel 1646
Beth 1712
Matt 2200
Katie 1520
Denise 1828
Katrina 1615
Tracy 1656
Barb 2023
Ron 1620
Chloe 1829
Walter 1503
Don 1853
Ian 1930
Grace 1925
Kristi 1638
Nataleigh 1708
Jen 1710
Rachel 1754
Alan 1915

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