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Many of us eat far too quickly. At each meal, we expect to eat to the point of fullness. Unfortunately, this type of eating will always present challenges to leanness, performance, and health-regardless of whether we choose lower quality food or higher quality foods.
As you may have noticed this first habit doesn’t really have much to do with what you eat. Rather, it has to do with how you eat. This may make it the most important habit of all. But why? Well, for starters, it takes about 20 minutes for our satiety mechanisms to kick in. In other words, the communication between our gut, to our brain, and back to our gut is slow. Because of this if we eat quickly, we’re likely to eat far too much in the 20 minute time period before our brain finally says, I’m content. You can stop eating now”
An excellent goal to strive for is about 15-20 minutes per meal (at a minimum) Making sure to turn off TV and eliminate distraction’s. Once you have slowed your pace: take smaller bites; chew the food completely and taste it. The idea here is to take ones time and really experience the process of eating. Interestingly when we slowdown in this way, we tend to eat fewer calories with each meal. And we can better tune into our appetite signals.
Another big asset of slowing down is that it allows us to better gauge fullness. With this habit, the next goal becomes to stop eating at 80% full. This can be defined as “eating until no longer hungry” instead of “eating until full.”
Benefits of eating slower:
• Enhanced appetite cues for the next meal
• Improved digestion
• Better performance with exercise/workouts
• More time to enjoy meals
• Better sleep if you’re eating before bed


“The Chief”

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

Rest 1 minute between rounds. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Level 3- 135/95#
Level 2- 115/75#
Level 1- 95/65#

*Score= Total COMPLETED Rounds from all 5 cycles. Restart each cycle from top.

Heim 27+3
Allen 20+7
Belinda 22+1
Chris 24+4 Welcome!
Jason 20+2
RobB 23+9
Ryan 17+3
Tommy 21+0
ScottE 19+4
Manuel 17
BillF 25+2
JohnLay 21+1
DLay 22+6
DP 27
Andrew 25+6
Anthony 20+3

Travis 20+3 welcome back!
Rick 15
Meegan 16+7
JD 20
Gary 23+15
JLay 20+8
Michelle 15+11
Carrie 18+1
Scott 15+3
Nate 20+3
DArren 23+3
Erin 23+3
Joe 24+0
Campbell 18
Richard 20+3
MikeB 22+15
Tom 17+6
Joc 18+13
Adam 15+15

Alicia 14+3
Andrea 17+3
Janet 16+13
Michele 18+15
Barks 17+9
Wes 13
Adam B 14+6
Joni 17+9
Mroz 20+12
Heidi 17
Gretchen 19+3
Nikki 22+6
Carolann 21
Trent 20+3
Gignac 15+9
Jacob 17+6
Jeff 21+2
Leslie 21+2
Lawn 18- welcome!
Bryce 14+6- welcome!
Aimee 16+3
Dumas 17
Keeton 12+1
Eric 18
Melanie 19+3
Brian 26+7
Ben 13+2
MelissaK 15+3
Terra 30
Gene 12+3
LIz 17+4
Pete 26 Welcome!
Brad 6
Justin 17+5
Chipper 19
Chrissy 19+5
Russ 8+12
Savannah 14
Ryan 12
Natalie 10+15
Allen 11+9
Curtis 16+3
Jeff 17+5
Charity 11+6
Deanna 15
Wes 18+5

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