Monday, November 13th, 2017

John is one of the 11:30am regulars & the FOUNDER of Short Shorts Wednesday’s!  We love you John!!

wName… John Accardo

When did you start CrossFitting… I initially joined in May 2012, but left in the late-Fall as part of accepting a job based in Chicago.  I reconnected with CFCR in Sep 2016 and have been hard at it ever since.

Favorite wod… All the named WODs are a challenge, but “Jackie” is a reasonable fit with most of my capabilities.

Least favorite wod… “Nancy” … a rough combination running and overhead squats … Ugh!!!

Favorite lift… Back squat

Least favorite lift… Overhead Squats followed closely by Squat Snatch.

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)… My wife Marlene is from Arvada and I grew-up in Cheyenne.  We purchased our home in Bell Mountain Ranch in 2011 and settled here in mid-2012 on our return from working in Shanghai.  We have two adult children; Natalie who is completing her PhD in Geophysics at Columbia and Mathew who is a Civil Engineer and works in the Water Division for Merrick Engineering in Denver.  I am seasoned executive with over 30-years’ of broad-based consumer products experience with leading beer, spirits and snack food companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Brown-Forman and John B. Sanfilippo. We have had the good fortune of living outside the US for nearly 12—years, but spent many years working our way back West.  I am “semi-retired” now, but doing a bit of beverage and food consulting which is keeping me busy.

 What were you doing before CrossFit… Many years of off-again, on-again, weight-lifting with a bit of running/cardio mixed-in.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout… “Wow,” this is very tough!!!

What were your goals when joining CrossFit… Improved overall fitness, mobility and health … increased strength, better range of motions, loose a few pounds, lower resting heart-rate, etc., etc. … without spending over two-hours a day in the gym. 

Have you achieved any of those goals… Yes, indeed, though there is still work to be done.

 Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….  Most certainly in terms of feeling better, improved sleep, greater stamina, new friends, etc., etc.

Any advice for people getting started… Go slow in the beginning, but stick with it.  Come every day if possible and push yourself in the WODs.  Don’t be afraid to ask the Coaches and other members for assistance.

Some of your recent accomplishments… Ability to perform at an RX level to more frequently and consistently in the WOD and with many basic exercises, including KB Swings and Wall Balls.

 What makes CFCR special to you?  The members … especially the regulars at 11:30A … Coaches and Owners.  At its core, CrossFit is built on a community, and that is very much the case with CFCR.


20 Minute AMRAP:

200 Meter Run
12 Unbroken Wall Balls
12 Unbroken Power Cleans

Level 1: 14/10# & 75/55#
Level 2: 20/14# & 95/65#

Coach’s Tip: Think about today as an interval type workout. Forcing you to perform the reps unbroken may make you do bigger sets than you normally would. It also may mean you have to rest a little longer before picking up the ball or barbell. This is the intent of the workout so know that’s okay. The goal will be to minimize rest as much as possible while performing unbroken sets.

Standards: Wall Balls & Power Cleans must be performed unbroken. If you break (drop the ball or barbell) then you must start that set over again. For wall balls it must be 12 reps in a row with constant movement (i.e. you are not allowed to just stand and hold the ball in the middle of your set). If you don’t get the ball high enough on a rep you may continue that set, but must do an extra rep to make up for it. For power cleans they must be touch and go reps. As long as you are holding the bar and it does not rest on the ground that will count (i.e. you can take a break by holding the bar in the front rack position or at you hip only)


Amanda 7+14
Cates 5+21
Ben 7+1
Jared 8+1
Belinda 7+14
Smitty 7+1
Chris 7+1
Jeff W 7+1
Shaq 5+4
Brett 7+1
6’9″ 6+1
Terra 8+1
Bob 6+13
Marion 8+1
MCKown 8+1
Cory 6+5
Travis B 7+18
Jenny 6+15
Herder 5+1
Bill H 6+1
Kapitan 7+1
Max L 8+1
Travis 6+3
Sp K 7+2
P Diddy 8+1
Bill F 8+13
Meredith 7+12
DP 5+1
Chase 7+1
Steve S 7+1
Jeff Cambell 6+4
Kyle H 8+1
Patrick 6+22

Best 5+21
Richard 6+1
Sully 7+1
Caleb 6+7
Erin 6+1
Michele 5+9
Scotty 5+10
GLord 6+1
Hollywood 5+9
Matt J 7+16 welcome!!
Mike B 6+1
Christy 6+14
John A 5+1
Zach 6+26
Kevin 6+1
Annie 6
Beth 5+15
Michele 6+1
Chris 7+1
KK 7+1
Carrie h 6
Brad 6+19
Michael 5+10
Steve 6+1
Jeff 6+1
Aimee 6+24
Katelyn 4+16
Jen R 6+1
Megan 7+23
Shanno 5+8
Trina 5+13
Shala 3+1
Portia 5
Kristi 5+3
Nataleigh 5+1

Staci 4+1 welcome!!
Craig 6+1 welcome!!
Aimee O 6+7
Angie 6+1
Barb 5+14
Ashleigh 7+1
JLord 6+1
Rebecca 6+1
Bre 7+1
Amber 5+1
Kelly G 5+1
Thomas 4+1
Monica 5+16
Susie 5+2
CMock 6 welcome back!!
Lesa 5+1
Steph J 4+13 welcome!!
Ben 4+212
Dave 5+1
Kyle G 6+1
Darren 7+15
Jason P 5+3
K trow 9+8
Mroz 5+9
Kanon 5+18
Nicholas 6+6
Erika 7
Mark 6+1
Ami 3+1
Alejandra 4+5


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  1. Brad Reply
    John is awesome, always enjoy seeing and talking with him! That other guy in the picture is pretty entertaining too.... 11:30! -Guy who makes 2 11:30 classes a month

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