Saturday, April 4, 2015


the rock

Join us this Sunday (TOMORROW EASTER SUNDAY) for a workout at “The Rock” Park in Castle Rock. Meet at 7:45am for an 8:00 start time. Bring a family member or friend. Don’t forget water and sunscreen! There will be no 9am Hero WOD at Crossfit Castle Rock.


Team Workout

Teams of 3 complete 16 minute AMRAP:
10 Front Squat
20 Pull-up
30 Deadlifts
Advanced 165/105#
Intermediate 125/85#
Beginner 95/65#

*Athlete 1 and 2 start on the triplet (one athlete working at a time). Athlete 3 starts on a rower and completes 500m Row before switching with a teammate. One teammate must always be rowing, and you must switch every 500m. Score is total Rounds + Reps

Denise- Christine-Michael 5 +36 Beg
DP-Brian-Tim 8 Int
JB-BB 3 Beg
J Lord-Chandra-Mer 5 Adv
Kyle-Jeremy-Garrett 6+21 Int
Curt-Andy 9+15 Adv (1/2 reps)
Max-Ben-Gary 6+15 Beg
Brooke-Adam-Bark 6+10 Beg
Bill-Campbell-Aimee 5+11 Adv
Melanie-Erin-Mandy 6+14 Beg
JD-Gooch-Travis 5+39 Int
Terra-Kirk-KK 8+5 Adv
Max-Mroz-Matt 6+27 Int
Anthony-Krista 5+15 Int (1/2 reps)
Chris-Vance-P Didd 7+3 Adv
H Mroz-Liana- Jill 7 Beg
Erich-Mendie-Pete 5+26 B
Clay-Ben-Marion 7 I
Justin-April-Lindsey 5+55 B
Steph-Ryan-Mark-Jocelyn 6+4 I

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