Saturday, August 9th 2014

<p><strong>Partner WOD</strong></p> <p>8 Rounds:<br> 8 Thursters 75/55#<br> 8 Box Jump Overs 20”<br> 8 Ring Dips (mod- 12 box dips)</p> <p>Then</p> <p>6 Rounds:<br> 6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (mod- pull-ups/ band)<br> 6 Alt Leg Pistols (mod- 12 Air Squats)<br> 6 Ground-to-Overhead 75/55#</p> <p>Then</p> <p>4 Rounds:<br> 4 Broad Jumps (forward and back= 1) 4’ length<br> 4 Bar Roll Overs (mod- 8 knee to elbow)<br> 4 Wall Climbs</p> <p>* 35 minute time cap<br> <br> Jason Kyle 2654<br> Darren Richard 1747<br> Ben Marion 1910<br> Tim Kirk 1857<br> Sp K and Lil Sp K 1837<br> Min Pete 1900<br> Clay Pat 1557<br> Max 1/2 2030<br> Ryan JD 2053<br> BB Grace 1930<br> PDiddy Shannon 2412<br> Spence (solo) 1717<br> Andy Jewels 1906<br> Curt Mroz 2013<br> Belinda JLord 2200<br> Jimmy Gooch 2409<br> Ron Rimkus 2830<br> Bill F Aimee 2326<br> Alisha Brynn 2522</p> <br>

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