Saturday, December 27th, 2014

<p><strong>Partner WOD:</strong></p> <p>3 Rounds</p> <p>2 minute- Max Rep Wall Balls 20/14#</p> <p>2 minute- Max Rep Box Jumps Over 24/20”</p> <p>2 minute- Max Rep Burpee</p> <p>2 minute- Max Rep Jump Lunge (2 ct)</p> <p>2 minute- Max Rep Slam Ball 40/20#</p> <p>*Partner 1 works for the 1st</p> <p>work: 1 minute of rest)</p> <p><strong>**</strong> Score= total reps as a team.</p> <p>minute of each set, Partner 2 works for the 2nd</p> <p>Partners:</p> <p>Gary (half) 331<br> Heim – Kyle 651<br> Chandra – Jen 578<br> Wilma Jane – Brian 563<br> Pat – JD 628<br> Jeremy – Pat 717<br> Adam – Garrett 502<br> Erich – Mendie 545<br> Alan – Taylor 683<br> Bill – Aimee 617<br> Josh – Tami 575<br> Holly (half) 260<br> Jeff – Michelle 470<br> Pam (half) 361<br> Brenda (half) 326<br> Danny – Michelle 689<br> Carrie – Brad 580<br> Sp K – Toph 720<br> DP – Wes 613<br> Genna – Lesa 486<br> Audrey (half) 258</p>

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