Saturday, December 6th, 2014

<p><strong><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/You_didnt_do_full_range_of_motion.jpg” style=””> </strong></p> <p><strong>Partner WOD:</strong></p> <p>Station 1- Box Jump 24/20” & Wall Sits</p> <p>Station 2- Pull-ups & Overhead Bar Hold 45/35#</p> <p>Station 3- Ground-to-Overhead 95/65# & Chin over bar</p> <p>Station 4- Knee-to-Elbow & Front Plank Hold</p> <p>Station 5- KB Swings 53/35# & 90 degree dip hold on box</p> <p>*While one partner is performing as many Reps as possible, the other must be Holding the other movement.</p> <p>Partners rotate as needed, but cannot perform reps if other person is NOT holding their movement. Each</p> <p>station is 3 minute 30 seconds long. 30 second transition between stations.</p> <p>Score= Total Reps</p> <p>belinda-jen-nikki-261<br> ann-laura-386<br> garrett-crusher-232<br> laura-nate-280<br> mel-erin-284<br> meegan-erin-239<br> joe-john-259<br> vance-229<br> sp k-andy-311<br> lucky charms-crunch-227<br> holbrooks-255<br> jill-liana-247<br> maz-mroz-343<br> brian-carolina-306<br> jodi-wes-254<br> jo-twills-246<br> kyle-matt-221<br> buckland-jon-260<br> erich-mendie-254<br> mark-curt-344<br> bill-aimee-261</p> <p>terra</p>

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