Saturday, February 14th 2015

<p><img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/cvhs.jpg” style=””> </p> <p>NEWS – THIS SUNDAY’s WOD will be held at<br> Castle View High School Track<br> 5254 N Meadows Dr · Castle Rock, CO 80109</p> <p>It’s going to be another BEAUTIFUL day, so let’s make the mast of it!  Bring the kiddos & friends!!</p> <p>9:00AM – Show up early. We will be starting right on time! No Class WOD will be posted or lead at the CFCR gym, so come join the fun! BE SURE TO DRESS WARM!</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Partner WOD</strong><br> <br> “Pet Rock”</p> <p>120 Sit Ups<br> 100 Push Ups<br> 80 Wall Balls<br> 60 Pull Ups<br> 40 KB Swings w/ “Rock”<br> 75 Calorie Row</p> <p>Partner A – Works<br> Partner B – Holds “Rock” KB 53/35#</p> <p> </p> <p>**10 Burpee penalty per person each time the “Rock” hits the ground**</p> <p>___________________________________<br> Trent & Haddad – 21:00<br> Christine & Michael 26:17<br> Mer & Kyle 21:18<br> Courtney & JLord 22:45<br> Justin & Gary 19:31<br> Heim & Max 23:09 70#<br> Manual & Brian 23:15<br> Brooke & Belinda 24:30<br> Curtis WELCOME!! & Steve C 24:58<br> Curt & Andy 16:04 70#<br> Jewels & BB 19:18<br> Joe & Dareen 22:35<br> Terra & Alicia S 20:55<br> Erich & Mendie 23:51<br> Jill & Lianna 22:30<br> Ben & Marion 17:36<br> Tommy & Tammi WELCOME!!! 22:15<br> Conti squared 25:35<br> Erin & Melanie 23:49<br> Mroz & Tim 16:34<br> Garrett & Mark 19:08<br> JD & Wes 20:20<br> Fran & Mandy 22:18<br> Jodi & Andrew 24:02<br> Spencer & Chris 25:30<br> Holbrook’s 22:46<br> Blake & Linda WELCOME!! – 29:22 </p>

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