Saturday, February 7th 2015

<p><b></b></p> <p><b><span style=”color: rgb(192, 0, 0);”>Don’t forget… Tomorrow’s workout will be at 8 AM at the new MAC Recreation Center. We will be meeting on the turf field.  Show up early. We will be starting right on time! No Class WOD will be posted or lead at the CFCR gym, so come join the fun! </span></b></p> <p><b>Partner WOD</b></p> <p>3 Rounds:<br> <br> 90 sec Wall Ball 20/14#<br> 90 sec SDHP 75/55#<br> 90 sec Box Jump 20″<br> 90 sec Push Press 75/55#<br> 90 sec Cal Row<br> Rest 1 minute</p> <p>* 1 PWAT</p> <p>KK/Kirk 726<br> Heim/Jerm 814<br> Michelle/Nikki 416<br> JLord/Court 562<br> W. Jane/Colleen 457<br> Brooke/Mel 497<br> Christine/Michael 426<br> Jeff/Gooch 500<br> Garrett/Joe 643<br> Eric 420<br> Anthony/PDiddy 673<br> Denise/Griff 547<br> DP/Leiner 755<br> Kilby/Erich 618<br> Liana/Jill 500<br> Ray/B-Rad 560<br> Mroz/Reggie 544<br> Bill F/Aimee 612<br> HKilby/Mendie 562<br> Brain/Abby 388<br> Crunch/Sp K 582<br> Tim 400<br> Belinda/Terra 699<br> Tommy/Amanda 578<br> Ben/Marion 716<br> Andy/Curt 842<br> Wes/Chris 517<br> Nate/Ray S 439</p>

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