Saturday, January 20th, 2018

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Come out and support your fellow CFCR Members and Coaches participating in Winter WODerland today at Decima CrossFit in Littleton!

Partner WOD
Minutes 1-4
Max Rep Ground to OH (45/35# Plate)
Partner Holds HS
-rest 1 min-
Minutes 5-8
Max Rep Toe to Bar
Partner Holds Overhead (45/35# Plate)
-rest 1 min-
Minutes 9-12
Max Rep Wall Balls (20/14#)
Partner Holds Elbow Plank
-rest 1 min-
Minutes 13-16
Max Rep Burpees
Partner Hangs from Pull Up Bar

BRad/ Ellie 225
Liana/ Janet 210
Vance/ Heim 260
Josh/ Tammi 223
Beth/ Susie 160
Shaq/ Best 232
Amiee/ Richard 235
Shawn/ SueAnn 290
Paul/ Curt 211
Laura/ Mike 103
McKown/ Ashley 241
Beth/ Aubree/ Marion 236
Portia 99
Ryan/ Paul 223
John/ Kevin 221
Toph/ Andy 251
Michael/ Christine 198
Jeff/ Ren 221

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