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20 Minute AMRAP:

Teams of 3 complete the following triplet:

10 Power Snatch 115/75#
20 Knee 2 Elbow
30 Wall Balls 20/14#

Athlete 1 and 2 start on the triplet (one athlete working at a time).
Athlete 3 starts on a rower and completes 500m Row before switching with a teammate.
One teammate must always be rowing, and you must switch every 500m.
Score is total rounds + reps of the triplet.

Tonya/Erica/Gretchen 7+10
Courtney/Jeremy 6+22
Carrie/ Ellie 5+27
Janet/michelle/liana 6
Heim/joe/ eric 7+42
Gmello/Jeff w/ Tis 5+49
Aimee/ Mer/ Erin 7+24
Aubree/Beth/ Alissa 6+30
Kanon/ Marion/ Nicholl 7+4
Kyle/ Travis/ Longo 8+11
Brian/ Amy/ Joc T. 7+2
Josh/ Tammi/ Holly 6+8
Toph/ Curt/ Sneed 8+2
Max 3+11
Nat/ Allen/ Kristi 5+31
Kate/ Katrina 3+43
Budge/ GLord/ JLord 6+43
Michael/ Christine/ Kevin 6+10
McKown/ John/ Joe 7+19

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  1. Tis Reply
    Thanks Gmello & Jeff W for letting me work with you guys - you probably would have gotten even more rounds without me slowing you down!

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