Saturday, January 31st 2015

<p><strong>New T-Shirts & Hoodies are in!!<br> <img src=”/Websites/crossfitcastlerock/images/cfcr_hoodies.jpg” style=””> </strong></p> <p><strong>Team WOD</strong></p> <p>In Teams of 3, For time:</p> <p>100 Deadlift<br> 80 Hang Power Cleans<br> 60 Front Squats<br> 40 Push Jerk<br> 20 Thrusters<br> <br> Weight:<br> Level 3- 135/95#<br> Level 2- 115/75#<br> Level 1- 95/65#<br> <br> *1 PWAT</p> <p>** On the minute, each person performs 4 Burpees<br> <br> Courtney/JLord/Belinda 1725<br> Kyle G/Jeremy 1132<br> Barks/Doug/Gary 1927<br> Eric B/Heim/Tim 2234 155#<br> Max/Mroz 1744<br> Nikki/Mel/Chandra 1725<br> Brian/Wilma Jane 2246<br> Liana/Jewels/Michelle 1850<br> Jeff/Gooch 14:32<br> Curt/Ben/Marion 1448<br> G Squared 1228<br> New Guys 1417<br> Erin/HKilby 1452<br> Clay/Andy/Kilby 1232<br> Cates/Blake 1630<br> KK/Taylor/Kirk 1238<br> Griffins/BK 1358<br> Vance/Steve S/Leiner 1746<br> Babs/Craft/Terra 1440<br> Brad/Carrie/Amy 1602<br> Toph/GLord/Mark 1645<br> Linda/Alicia S 1941<br> Denise/Melissa 1930<br> <br> </p> <br>

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