Saturday, March 12th, 2016

dc weightlifting club

Due you have a teenager who is looking to learn the proper mechanics of LIFTING?
JOIN our High School Weightlifting Club!  See the front desk or talk to COACH TAYLOR or COACH ANDREW for details!

16.3 Re-dos SUNDAY from 9am-11am – HERO WOD is cancelled tomorrow.
Come in early to get warmed up  First Heat starts at 9am SHARP! Last heat goes at 10:50am.
We will plan to finish promptly at 11am!


Complete entire 4 part workout, as fast as possible of:
Part 1:
400 meter Run
Wall Balls 20/14#

Part 2:
400 meter Run
Box Jump Over 24/20″

Part 3:
400 meter Run
Shoulder to Overhead 95/65#

Part 4:
400 meter Run
Back Squat 95/65#

* Each partner will have a turn running on each part. While one parter is running the other can opt to perform as many reps as possible of the given exercise. Each rep performed will subtract 2 seconds from total time.
** Score = total time to run all 8- 400 meter runs (4 each) minus total points accumulated from movements.

Adam/ Gary 1022
Heim/ McKown 746
Joe/ Erin 837
Brad/ Ellie 1408
Brain/ Kevin 941
Carie/ Kanon 1311 – Row
Kyle/ Travis 608
Curt/ Mike 728
Adam/ Eric 1215
JLord/ GLord 1142
PDiddy/ DLay 857
Nicole/ Trina 1136
Amiee/ Jen C. 1141
Megan/ Jocelyn 1618
Aubree/ Alissa 755
TJ/ Ren 1142
Corrigan/ Best 1110
Spencer/ Longo/ Andrew 101
Kaitlyn/ Mer 726
DP/Kapitan 740
Mroz/Max 1612
Perry Ladies 1258
Don/Maryann 1812
Danny/Michelle 948
LC/Jodi 1353

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