Saturday, May 27, 2017


Looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow, we are going to reschedule our family picnic.
We will provide information once we have set a new date.





 “Pet Rock”

In teams of 2:

120 Sit Ups
100 Push Ups
80 Wall Balls 20/14#
40 KB Swings 70/53#
75 Calorie Row

Pet Rock= L1: 53/35# L2: 70/53#

  1. Only one partner can be working at a time
  2. The other partner must be holding a KB (pet rock) while the other partner works. The object can NEVER hit the ground.
  3. If the object is placed on the ground at any time, each person must immediately drop to the ground and do 10 burpees each.

    Joe/Erin 1637
    Longo/Kdawg 1733
    Toph/Andy 1745
    Mckown/Andy 2012


    Joe/ Chad 1624
    Darren/ Gary 1651
    Pete/ Kevin 1745
    Carrie/ellie 2420
    Brad/Walter 1751
    Natalie/Faith 1739

    Tonya/ Erica 1904
    Beth/ Alissa/ Susie 1651
    Micheal/Christine 2200
    Carrie/Ellie 2420

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