Saturday, November 4, 2017

TRY OUT BARBELL CLUB FOR FREE November 1st – November 15th!

Want to PR your lifts?! Guaranteed with Castle Rock Barbell Club!!!
Beginning in November we’re offering a free two week trial period for all CFCR Members!
Why should you consider joining Barbell Club and learning about Olympic weightlifting?
Well a few good reasons are so you can improve strength, speed, power, mobility, balance, coordination, accuracy and agility!!! (Some of those things might have some carryover for Crossfit just maybe eh?)
But maybe you’re really only interested in improving your wod times….that’s totally fine! Spending time practicing the Olympic lifts will help you feel more comfortable with these movement and help eliminate that fear factor for these lifts as well as improve your efficiency of movement which means faster wod times and heavier weights!
What do you get for joining Barbell Club???
For only $50/month you will receive:
-2 days of instructor lead classes and programming
-2 additional days of strength programming to help you progress with your basic strength levels (think squats and presses)
-Access to our private Facebook group
-coach assistance for any Barbell Club weightlifting meets you want to sign up for
-Unlimited PRs!!! (subject to your own work ethic 😉)
Give it a try for 2 weeks and see if it’s for you!! You won’t find 4 days of programming and 2 days of instructor lead classes per week for only $50 ANYWHERE!!!!

Partner WOD
4 Rounds:

400 Meter Run with Medball 20/14#
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 Partner Med Ball Sit Ups 20/14#

Joe/Erin 1752
Jeff/Darren 1900
Holly/Josh 1825
Michelle/JEff 2000
Belinda/Nicholl 1709
Shannon/Jen R 2034
Spk/Lc 1608
Colt/Sarah 1634
Joe/Mark 1626
Kavin/Budge 1904
Ben/Marion 1856
Kristi/Nataleigh 2021
SM 2255

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