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“One thing I realellie testimonially wanted to achieve was to start hiking with my family. Ryan helped me get there!”

In 2011 I suffered a spine injury that resulted in me having a discectomy/laminectomy at disk L4/L5. As you can imagine this was very hard having two small children and trying to recover. Everything was going well until I injured the same disk again in May 2014. This time was worse and my doctor decided I needed a fusion. I had the fusion in July 2014 and it was done incorrectly. It wasn’t until October 2014 that I found out I needed a corrective surgery to fix the first surgery. I was devastated and lost all confidence in everything. The pain was intense, I still had to be a mother to my two small children and had duties as a wife. Luckily I was surrounded by an amazing support team of friends. My family all live in England so it was very hard for them to come over and help out. After a year of taking it easy and trying to heal, which resulted in massive weight gain, my husband decided to try and get me some help.

That’s when he met Ryan Christy. Our pastor attended The Gym in Castle Rock, Colorado and had recommended it to us as just a place to get me moving again. We had no idea we would meet such an awesome guy. Ryan teaches ZHealth and it is basically training your body to move again and nerves to rewire to where the need to be. Its small easy movements (drills) that are done daily to help your body work again as its designed to. Obviously with hardware in my spine it was hard for me to move and I my brain would scream NO! every time I tried to bend. Ryan helped me to gain confidence and realize that my journey wasn’t going to be fixed overnight. I just needed time and patience. Another thing I needed was help with nutrition and Ryan is full of knowledge. He has taught me life lessons in how to look at food and make better choices. In December 2015 I was unfortunately diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This shook me so hard and was another huge hurdle I had to try and overcome. Ryan has been with me all the way, he has been understanding and supportive. He has helped me figure out a nutrition plan to help with that and exercises I can do that won’t hurt my spine but help with my general fibro pain.

If you feel discouraged or lack confidence in yourself after an injury like me then Ryan is your guy. He has helped me tremendously and words alone can’t show how grateful I am!

Ellie Charboneau


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