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Name… Tonya Abry

When did you start CrossFitting…I did the X1 class in June 2016 and have been coming ever since.

Favorite wod…  partner WOD on Saturday

Least favorite wod… anyone with lunges or burpees

Favorite lift…  thruster

Least favorite lift… snatch- all types

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)… I have been married for almost 14 years and we have three kiddos. I am a lawyer and I love my job 90% of the time. I moved to Colorado 18 years ago from upstate New York and this is now home.

What were you doing before CrossFit.. I was running or shuffling about 18 miles a week. I started running after my second child and after 8 years I didn’t enjoy it any more and found myself doing it less and less. I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do to get in shape.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout… I truly thought I was going to collapse and die right on the first step of the gym since I could not walk down them. I miss the pvc and trainer bar some days. I also met some amazing coaches that convinced me to stick with it and it would get better. I was surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone was from day one.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit… I wanted to get back in shape and feel comfortable in my own skin.  I really wanted to do a pull up, lift more than the trainer bar, do double unders, and rx a work out. I also wanted to not suck on my inhaler the entire wod.

Have you achieved any of those goals… YES!!! I am in the best shape of my life. I can do a pull up, lift a lot, rx some work outs and my endurance is so much better that I use my inhaler much less than before.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym…. I go to the morning class so I start my day at work with the best energy and my outlook is so positive. I eat and sleep better too!

Any advice for people getting started… be consistent and don’t let a bad workout stop you from coming back. A year into this and I still have bad days but the coaches and my friends get me through it. You will never meet more supportive people than in Crossfit. However, you can’t come once a week and be upset that your not progressing.

Some of your recent accomplishments… I can do a few pull-ups in a workout, I can do a few double unders, my 3 rep deadlift is 200, and thanks to Erika, my Saturday wod partner, I can run a mile under ten minutes!!!!!

 What makes CFCR special to you? The coaches are amazing and they want good form over weight.  Jocelyn, Taylor and the other coaches push you to be better and give you the confidence to just try.  The other members are so kind and willing to help you with suggestions or drills to improve skills. Everyone is so nice and I look forward to seeing my friends in class and Thursdays with Jocelyn. The owners are so friendly and they care about how you are doing and that you like it there. It truly is a family. I love going to CFCR❤️❤️❤️❤️


10 Minute EMOM:

Odd: 5 Deadlift (225/155#, 255/175#, 275/195#)

Even: 30 Sec Max Double Unders




Slam Balls 40/20#
Push Press 75/55#

*150 Meter Run after each round


Core Down

20 Toe Touches on Plate

Amanda 508
Woo 755
Tonya 819
Carolann 621
Erin 855
Budge 815
Faith 754
Amy 733
Kelly 827
Ashley 550
JLord 637
Kristen 921
Beth 525
KDawg 518
Hollywood 615
Marion 435
Max 440
Katie 1054
Nate 711
Zack 727
Dave N 1056
Ryan 728
Kapitan 556
Christy 648
Josh 840
Andy 608
Annie 510
Meredith 550
KK 532
Kirk 508
Aimee 558
Jenny 526
Joseph 614
Ellie 800
Natalie 601
Kate 556
Min 704
Amber 736
Derrick 1052
Sam 600
Susie 756
Michelle 642
Sp K 542
Darren 757

Best 620
Don 1054
Kathy 901
Scott 922
Barb 846
John 805
Brad 615
Carrie 624
Jen S 808
Jen C 620
Ren 645
Portia 1202



6 Rounds:
30/25 Calorie Row

Rest 3 Minutes

Coach’s Tip= Rowing intervals may look boring, but there is not much more effective at improving cardiovascular endurance than mono-structural (running, rowing, swimming, etc.) work. The built-in rest is programmed so you push your intensity/pace during each interval.


Core Down

2 Minute Tabata
Hollow Rocks

Munique 2250
Sully 2243
Cory 2340
Logan 2142
Val 2739
Mississippi 2738
Carol 2551
Mandy 2457
Megan 2151
Joe 2138
Jeff 2326
Shannon 2448
Patrick 2245
Erika 2328
Jen R 2230
Mark 2449

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