Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Steve Smith

Name… Steve Smith
When did you start CrossFitting… I started crossfitting in Louisiana in 2011

Favorite wod…
Long WODS like Filthy Fifty
Least favorite wod… Anyone who knows me will tell you I despise anything with Double Unders! They are of the devil.
Favorite lift… Power Cleans
Least favorite lift… The most popular answer…Thrusters!

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)… Growing up in California I was a big kid but was always very active in sports (lettered in football, basketball, and baseball in high school). I went to college to be an offensive lineman and after my freshman year I decided I was either going to lose weight or be at 300lb for my sophomore season. I chose to lose the weight, switched positions for my last three years, and began my journey towards being fit (or as my wife refers to it as “losing a high school freshman). Halfway through college I met a girl from Louisiana while working at a summer camp and decided to transfer to LSU after my last year of football (total cliché). It has been absolute bliss since then!

We moved to Colorado in 2013 with our three kids (Auni 14, Dude 12, and Patrick 9) to escape the heat of South Louisiana and enjoy the mountains. We also have a highly dysfunctional dog named Lucy that we all have a love / hate relationship with.

Between Auni’s dance schedule and Dude’s sports we keep ourselves pretty busy. On the rare occasions when I’m free, I like to camp, fish, hunt, ski, hike, and listen to live music. We try and take advantage of as much of the outdoor life Colorado has to offer. We love having friends over, cooking some good Cajun food, and watching LSU football.

On a flip note, writing a brief synopsis of myself is harder than any WOD.

What were you doing before CrossFit.. As a washed up athlete, I have done pretty much everything to keep myself in shape and compete. I played basketball, ran a marathon and several 10k’s, and spent a lot of time being bored in the gym.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout… I was hooked pretty quickly. I love to challenge myself and compete against others, which is right up Crossfit’s alley. I loved that when I stunk at something there was someone to help me out or make fun of me. Most of all I appreciate the camaraderie that was apparent the first time I stepped food in a box.

What were your goals when joining CrossFit… I wanted to be as good as the best person in the gym.

Have you achieved any of those goals… I felt like I was on track until my body reminded me that I’m not 20 anymore and started falling apart a couple of years ago. I’ve had to readjust my goals and often leave my pride at the door now days. But I still have a blast! Small goals that I have achieved are ring muscle ups, pistols, butterfly pull-ups, and the ability to do double unders about 6 months out of every year.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym…. Absolutely! When I moved to Colorado in 2013 my family stayed back in Louisiana for 5 months to finish up school. I met a lot great people at the gym and got plugged in to life in Colorado. I love the family aspect of Crossfit.

Any advice for people getting started... Start slow and don’t try and keep up with everyone else that has been doing crossfit for a while. There is no shame in modifying a WOD or a lift in order to learn proper technique.

Some of your recent accomplishments… Recently, it’s been a victory to start doing crossfit fulltime again. After battling several injuries and going through a gambit of tests the last year, it’s been great to be back in the mix. Thanks to Bill F. for all the work he has done to get me back on track!


EMOM x 10
Even: 50’ Overhead Walking Lunge 55/35#
Odd: 6 TnG Power Snatch 135/85, 115/70, 95/55#

Slam Balls 40/20#
Hand Release Push-ups

Rope Climb Practice

Amy 817
Clay 630
Longo 539
Amanda 544
Vance 442
Heim 900
Max 632
Sully 615
Ray 910
Nicole 631
Caroline B. 643
Joe 556
Cory 406
Bill 747
Kapitan 533
Max 749
Dave 451
Greg 639
Curt 434
Wes 629
TJob 454
Lisa 647
Caroline 819
Erin 537
Melanie 718
Carrie 827
Brian 757
Dave 808
Pete 706
Ron 740
Beth 745
Pdiddy 547
Joe 647
B Rad 606
Val 640
Meredith 630
Spencer 452
Josh 452 – Welcome!
DP 442
Terra 356


Gary 616
Ren 756
Meeg 721
Gretchen 821
Jeff 655
Colby 1001
Ashley 925
Heidi 903
Janet 836
Lianna 714
Roy 750
Drew 1013 – FIRST ROPE CLIMB!!
KDawg 524 – Got first Rope Climb!
Courtney 521
Karen 532
Mandy 625
Kelly 717
Sabrina 800
Hollywood 659
Meg 540
Josh 728
Heather 907
Brynn 711
Scotty ?
Annie 527
Ali 502
Bre 418
Porach 530
Dave N. 700
Tracy 648
Fran 704
Claudia 640
Frank 630
Wilma Jane 6:27
Charity 7:01
Dawn 6:55
Don 7:47
Tom 7:56
Austin 8:20
Adam 7:31
John 8:15
Marianne 6:30


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