Thursday, February 26th 2015


 OPEN begins tomorrow!!
Friday Night OPEN Night!  Watch Spencer make a run at his 7th consecutive regional appearance!!  We will have CFCR Members performing the 1st annual 2015 OPEN WOD tomorrow night at 6:30pm!  Bring your friends and Family to our FUN FITNESS COMMUNITY EVENT AT CFCR!!

Not signed up yet?  You have until Monday to do it!
Sign up here:

CFCR Participating Members 65 and COUNTING!:
Adam Kuzinski✖ Aimee Feldhake✖ Alena Kuzinski✖ Alicia Stark✖ Allen Kallweit✖ Amanda Conti✖ Belinda Hollingshead✖ Benjamin Yore✖ Bill Feldhake✖ Blake Green✖ Brenda Brailsford✖ Cassidy Wendholt✖ Chandra Pittman✖ Chelsea Mock✖ chris lamb✖ Chris Neville✖ Clayton Hering✖ Cory Bragg✖ Courtney Griebenow✖ Curt Minter✖ David Layman✖ David Perry✖ eric heim✖ Eric Kapitan✖ Erin Maronick✖ Fran Colombi Team Manager Garrett Lord✖ Garrett Sneed✖ Gary Mello✖ Gregg Savage✖ Jason Fruh✖ Jeff Long✖ Jeff Wendholt✖ Jeffrey Campbell✖ Jenifer Layman✖ Jennifer Lord✖ Jennifer Roberts✖ Jennifer Purdy✖ Jeremy Pittman✖ Jodi Killilea✖ Joe Conti✖ John Barksdale✖ Justin Brink✖ Kalyn Hammes✖ Kirk Trowbridge✖ Kyle Gilbert✖ Linda Hodges✖ Manuel S cortez✖ Marie Chalfant✖ Marion Yore✖ Max Rogers✖ Max Haller✖ Melanie Griffin✖ Meredith Gilbert✖ Michele Wendholt✖ Mike Mroz✖ Nicole Blecha✖ Nikki Babinski✖ Patrick Didier✖ Scott Estep✖ Spencer Marx✖ stephanie foster✖ Taylor Sleaford✖ Timothy Hodsdon✖ Vance Nixon✖




Power Cleans 95/65#

12 minute Skill Work Session:

Pick 2 skills that need work before the “Open”



Double Unders


A. Hand Stand Push-up and Walk
B. Pistol (One legged squat) Progressions

RyanF 7:25
Jeremy 5:41
Chandra 7:34
Amanda 6:18
Max 8:26
Grace 7:25
Hollywood 7:25
Bill H 8:11
Jen 11:25
Kapitan 7:42
JR 7:42
T Wills 8:50
Steph 9:56
LIndsey 9:43
Erin 7:50
BB 6:27
Mark 7:06
Karen 9:23
Nicholl 9:08
Crusher 8:12
Jen P 7:49
Aimee 11:44
Joe C 9:24
Kurt 5:34
Blake 12:25
Tommy 6:37
DP 5:47
Dumas 7:53
Toph 6:43
Jeff C 7:52
P Diddy 6:44
Brett 8:33
Manuel 8:36
Anthony 8:05
Justin 11:27
Joc 11:41
Amy 7:30
Justin 6:26
CHris L 7:52
H Mroz 10;47
Linda 9:29
Joc 8:37
Jewels 6:50
Marcie 8:43
Cannen 11:18
Dave 12:30
Kia 14:15
SCotty 8:45
Mandy 10:03
Gary B 10:33
April 8:03
Tom 9:52
Waser 9:23
Lindy 13:05
Michelle 12:58
James 12:36
Asja 12:00
Michael 10:49
Christine 11:25
Deanna 11:25
Natalie 12:50
Allen 14:31
Curtis 12:31

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