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Education & Certifications

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer: CrossFit Roots Boulder, CO – 2013
  • Outlaw Way Para Bellum Series Olympic Lifting Camp: CrossFit Unbroken Denver, CO- 2013
  • CPR/AED Certificate: American Heart Association Aurora, CO – 2014
  • M.S. Certified (Functional Movement Screening) with Correctives: Cooper Institution Dallas, TX – 2015
  • Attended Seminars: Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Nutrition, and Mobility – 2012 thru 2015- Colorado-Texas-Kuwait
  • Rock Tape Certified Level 2 (Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Jan 2016


Areas of Mastery

  • Functional Movement Analysis Screening
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Nutrition and Diet Planning
  • Youth Athletics
  • Health and Human Sciences
  • Injury Prevention Awareness
  • Movement Pattern Specialist


Background / Experience


Thanks for checking out my bio!
People often ask me what I do for a living, simply stated, “I change peoples lives daily through health and wellness.” My passion in life is mentoring, coaching and helping others succeed in areas of life in which they once thought not possible. By setting small daily goals that line up with my clients and athletes larger goals and needs, success is a sure thing and results are attained daily with meJ. Personally I’ve been involved with health and wellness and strength and conditioning actively for over fifteen years, the last three of which have been in gym management.

I held the position as lead MWR Staff (CrossFit Trainer) in Kuwait as a government contactor working with military Soldiers implementing weight loss programs, strength and conditioning training, coordinating competitive events, supervising a staff of over 50 individuals and overseeing 3 fitness facilities.   In addition I held Coaching and Managerial positions at CrossFit Southlands and Inferno Fitness.  As the Fate of Karma would have it be…. CrossFit Castle Rock has become my new home in which I look forward to having a positive impact on the lives of our clients and athletes alike! I’m a huge people person and would love to learn about YOUR GOALS and Health and Wellness needs! Please reach out to me with your fitness ambitions so we can set your personal goals and achieve greatness together!

We Asked….You Answered….

Monday & Wednesday
8:30am – new class alert9:30am
Starts NEXT Monday, February 1st



15 Minutes to establish, Max Weight:

4 Round Bear Complex
* Must Control Each Position (Power Clean-Front Squat-Push Press-Back Squat- Push Press)
** Score of the Day

Sprint Conditioning

On the 2 minute for 10 minutes, complete:
7 Power Cleans, @ Final Bear Complex Score
11 Burpees
*Complete each round as fast as possible


Clay 155
Brink 115 (ohs)
Travis 155
RyanH 155
Doug 145
Heim 165
JFruh 125
Josh 135
Gary 115
Ren 135
Papa Smurf 165
Cates 155
John 65
Colby 45
Curt 155
Sully 115
Jon 125
RyanF 95
Toph 155
Ray 105
BillH 155
Kapitan 155
Max 105
Kevin 85
Jordan 85
Michael 120
Bennett 131
Mick 65
Scott 145
Spencer 185
BRad 75
Tom 110
PDiddy 185
Ruisi 185
Don 75
Kayle 115
JMarx 85
Alan 105

Ashley 15
Michelle 75
Heidi 75
Kelly 90
Amanda 105
Erin 95
StephF 70
Mation 118
HeatherB 35
Mandy 75
Trina 78
Nicholl 80
Karen 75
AmyP 108
KDawg 95
Brynn 85
KellyG 65
Bre 85
Lesa 55
Carol 45
Megan 35
Christine 75
Mer 110
Terra 110
Joc 65
Tracy 70
Liz 75
Katie 75
Maryanne 50
Brit 55
Daisy 55
Jen R. 75
Nataleigh 65
Kristi 65
Deanna 65
Aimee 60
Kannon 95

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