Thursday, January 29th 2015

<p><iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””></iframe> </p> <p>Set-Up<br> – Feet are set slightly wider than shoulder width, toes slightly turned out and knees tracking the toes, weight in the heels, neutral spine<br> – Hands are inside the legs with a narrow, closed grip on the bar (thumb distance), arms straight</p> <p>Execution<br> – Deadlift the bar (stand up), fully extend the hips and knees, with straight arms and aggressively shrug the shoulders up<br> – Then, keeping the elbows higher than the bar at all times, begin to pull the bar upwards just below the chin<br> – In the return, straighten the arms, release the shoulder shrug, push the hips back and down, shoulders come forward and return to the set up</p> <ul> <li>Category <ul> <li>Sports</li> </ul> </li> <li>License <ul> <li>Standard YouTube License</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p> </p> <p><strong>STRENGTH<br> </strong><br> EMOM x 10<br> <br> ODD- 8 Sumo Deadlift High-pull 115/75#<br> EVEN- 8 Push Press 115/75#<br> <br> <strong>WOD</strong><br> <br> 5 Rounds:<br> 10 Burpees<br> 50 Double Unders<br> 10 Wall Balls 20/14#</p> <p><strong>GYMNASTIC CLASS (6:30pm)</strong></p> <p>a) Push-up Technique<br> b) Ring work:<br>    – Rows<br>    – Dips<br>    – Pulls<br>    – Muscle-up Progressions</p> <p><strong>RX</strong></p> <p>Ben 13:10<br> Amanda 10:35<br> Kyle 10:33<br> Heim 10:21<br> Clayton 10:07<br> Linda 14:07<br> Alicia S 15:59<br> Carolann 15:51<br> Campbell 12:45<br> Bill H 15:10<br> Kapitan 11:54<br> Jason 12″:13<br> Marion 11:34<br> John L 10:46<br> Kirk 8:26<br> Kilby 15:27<br> Rob B 14:07<br> Taylor 7:45<br> Spidey 11:08<br> Terra 9:55<br> Leiner 9:39<br> D Lay 7:58<br> Spencer 6:49<br> Anthony 13:09</p> <p> <br> <br> </p> <p><strong>MOD</strong></p> <p>Meegan 12:48<br> Sandy 12:02<br> Andrea 16:33<br> JLord 14:17<br> Matt H 13:58<br> Mat 18:40<br> Keith 11:32<br> Jeff G 6:30<br> Chris N 11:42<br> Sue 16:30<br> JD 15:29<br> Heidi 17:52<br> Mel 14:00<br> Samantha 16:52 *Welcome<br> Nicholl 13:18<br> Matt 14:52<br> Karen 13:23<br> Marie 13:19<br> Danette 12:54<br> Aimee 20:35<br> Ginger 15:05<br> Hollywood 13:30<br> H.Mroz 19:12<br> Lindsay 14:53<br> Toph 12:55<br> Steph 14:13<br> Carrie 17:05<br> Mandy 18:24<br> JR 10:56<br> Sara 14:12<br> Jen P 14:39<br> Brooke 13:07<br> Denise 16:11<br> Leah 16:30<br> T-Wills 14:40<br> Ashley 16:25<br> Phil 17:55<br> Brian 10:08<br> J Lay 12:33<br> Michelle B 14:51<br> Dumas 9:40<br> Scott E 14:02<br> KK 13:15<br> Gene 16:17<br> Joe 12:18<br> Gooch 11:19<br> Eric 15;04<br> Debbie 12:10<br> Stacey 15:11<br> Kara 19:00<br> <br> <br> </p> <p> </p>

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