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cory athlete 2 cory athleteCFCR MALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH  MARCH 2016
Cory Bragg

Name… Cory Bragg
When did you start CrossFitting… 4 years ago
Favorite wod... Filthy Fifties
Least favorite wod… Karen
Favorite lift... Squat Clean
Least favorite lift… Thruster

Tell us bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military interest etc..)…

My name is Cory Bragg, and I’m a proud Colorado native. I’m married to a beautiful woman named Lindsay, and we have a daughter (Aislyn, 8) and a son (Lucas, 6). I started my sports career at a ripe young age doing gymnastics and figure skating (no judging). Then at 5, I started transitioning to soccer, baseball, and basketball. Ended up going to Westmont College (Santa Barbara, CA) to play baseball and major in art. Ever since graduating, I’ve found myself in full-time ministry and fulfilling my passion of being a pastor. Currently, I serve as a pastor at a local Christian church named Journey. I love coffee, music, soda water, Wahoos Fish Tacos, microbrews, Settlers of Catan, and the number 8.

What were you doing before CrossFit..
Before CF, I was trying to accomplish the CF WODs off the main site at the rec center. (not the place to try and do WODs)

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout…
“This is gonna suck.” My first WOD was a hero WOD named Deforges. I bacon-sizzled on the ground for about 15 minutes after it was done…hands all bloody and nursing my wounds. (Then I came back the next day.)

What were your goals when joining CrossFit…
My main goal when I first joined a CF gym was honestly to just enjoy working out again. I was tired of the routine and lack of excitement that came from rec center equipment. Then along with enjoying working out, my other main goal was to get in the best overall shape in my life.

Have you achieved any of those goals…

Yes…I have achieved these goals. I really enjoy Crossfit (especially sitting on the bench after the WOD), and I am in the best overall shape in my life.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym….
You bet. Love the quality of life being in shape brings (i.e. maintaining the ‘daddy strength’ for my wrestling matches against my 6 year-old son). I also enjoy running into many CFCRers around town outside the ‘box’.

Any advice for people getting started…

BE PATIENT. I’ve been at CrossFit for 4 years now, and I’m still learning. I wish I would have had this ‘long-term’ perspective when I first started, but my dang competitiveness and pride kept getting in the way. But if I could go back, I would be patient in all aspects of CF. Take time to learn technique. Stick to learning new movements, even when they are intimidating. Focus on breathing and pace during long WODs. Allow your body to recover and stretch well (for those of us over 40). Heck, in my mind I’m currently training for the 2030 CF Games when I turn 55. Games of bust!

What makes CFCR Special to you?
It’s the people. I love the community at CFCR. You all keep me going as I just try and keep up! Thank you coaches and thank you Fran!

Some of your recent accomplishments…
Celebrated 10 years of marriage in January to my wife!

Buy In: 800 Meter Run

Double Unders or 3x Singles
Russian Twist 45/25# Plate
Mt Climbers

Cash Out: 800 Meter Run

3 sets:
1 Minute Hand Stand Hold or Max effort
10 Evil Wheels

Gary 1655m
Amanda 1231
Clay 1525
Brink 1405
Best 1741
Ren 1635
Big Ben 1529
Rick 1545m
Terrra 1204
Budge 1955
Liana 1828m
Heidi 2132m
Curt 1302
Corrigan 1903
Latonya 1736
LMello 1632
Trina 1626
Karen 1708
Garret 1950
Sully 1717
Aimiee 1419
Val 1615
Nicholl 1527
Sabina 1950
Jeff 1817
Scotty 1943
Ray 1910
Marion 1325
Cory 1202
Toph 1841
David L. 1242 *Welcome!
Amy 1534
Kelly 2004
Sheri 1907
Brynn 1754
Grace 1706
Ali 1632
Annie 1745
Josh 1449
Eric 1515
Stephanie 1633 *Welcome!
Camble 1329
Fank 1541
Max 1319
Megan 1834
Shauna 1711
Melissa 1704
Travis 1639
Greg 1620
Ian 1914
Christine 2111
Caraline 1837
Scott 1743
Katherine 1746
D Lay 2115
Sean 1935
Mike P 1746
Cali 1509
SM 1203
Justin 1350
Mckenna 1504
TJ 1918
Jessica 2012
Rob 1726
Nicole 1348
Chad 2025
Justin 2158
Francy 1655
Deanna 2105
Walter 1549
Cathie 2250
Blake 1730
Jocelyn 1919
Chloe 2123
Kale 1525
Adam 1525
John M 1724
Don 1735
Kristi 1747
Matt 1913
Les 2200
Natalie 2105


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