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Nutrition 101 part 4:


Sleep as much as you can without losing your job or your significant other ~Robb Wolf

In the gym the order of conversation usually goes something like this…Talk about training, what and how we can improve. Then later comes the thought of nutrition, people start to become aware that in order for their training to change their diet has to as well. Then maybe, just maybe do we think about sleep.

I am here to tell you this is all flipped on its head…IF YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING YOUR NUTRITION IS GOING TO BE HIGHLY IMPAIRED! One of the first questions I ask my clients is, how is your sleep? 

Sleep is your time to re-rejuvenate your hormones. It’s your body’s time to repair itself and let your cortisol levels come down..that’s how we get to sleep.

*What is cortisol?  It’s your stress hormone (the word “stress” isn’t a thing bad here, it does good things) your body has a natural cortisol rhythm to it. It allows us to sleep peacefully and wake energized.

You all feel this energized feeling everyday right? Truth is we probably have all struggled with this at some point or another in our lives.

Most of us have, Wake…coffee/sugar…sleep days. An example of this is…

We wake up  go about our day and then hit this mid day slump so we go for some sugar in the office vending machine or we hit up our favorite coffee shop for a Venti 1/2 & 1/2, 10 pump vanilla extra whip! Now we are as HIGH as kite and we have ENERGY alright! Unfortunately that sugar wont have time to wear off before we hit the sack. We can’t sleep we are up watching marathon episodes of Breaking Bad and before we know it it’s 1am. Despite are late night endeavors our alarms still go off at 6am, far before our cortisol levels have had time to do there job and this leave us waking up flat.

Sound about right?

All this is affected by your adrenal glands when your adrenals shut down your thyroid goes off. We get all sorts of problems with that lack of sleep…then if you top it off with any of the first 3 nutrition 101 points we posted earlier you have a recipe for disaster.

I hear often “I do just fine on 5-6 hours. I would challenge anyone to test this in a controlled environment. More or less you’ve just adapted to that. The #8 wasn’t just pulled out of a hat it has been studied a million x. 8+hours a sleep is most beneficial!

If you had an opportunity to remove yourself from electronics and life stressors for 10-14 days I can almost guarantee you would end up sleeping 8 hours or more. 

Many other factors can affect our ability to sleep, which we will talk more about next week.

For now your challenge this week is…

-2 hours before bed no computer
-1 hour before bed no TV


For time:
200 Meter Run
3 Clean & Jerks
200 Meter Run
6 Clean & Jerks
200 Meter Run
9 Clean & Jerks
200 Meter Run
12 Clean & Jerks
200 Meter Run

Advanced- 135/85#
Intermediate- 115/75#
Novice- 95/65#

3 sets:
30 second Hand Stand Hold or 20 Shoulder Taps from a Hand Stand Position
15 Hollow Rocks


Kyle 848
Heim 757
SM 731
Amanda 810
Terra 717
Sneed 1455 400m
Eric G 834
KDawg 1041
Curt 815
Longo 711
Troy 855 Welcome
Josh 713 – Wecome
Dave 845
Greg 1001
Josh 841
P Diddy 750
John A 1007
Joe 838
Erich 1105


Cates 1052
Bob 1212
Gary 1135
Brink 932
Budge 1005
Rick G 850 row
Andy 956
Sully 1028
Nicole 1010
Shaq 947
Amy 808
Scotty 1110
Sherry 1258
Frank 903
Bill 1019
Max 822
Mike 930
Kannon 1022
Brett 850
Scott 930
Matt 927


Ren 838
Latonya 1142
LMello 1106
Liana 1306
Heidi 1123
Keith 1040
Roy 1100
Gretchen 1056
Joshua 1448
Drew 1053
Jen 835
Alisa 1045
Val 947
Agster 1040
Sarah 1140
Ray 958
Karen 1002
Kristy 1045
Brynn 924
Roger 1112
Kathy 1212
Sheri 1122
Ali 1011
Heather 951
Caroline 1008
Jen C. 1014
Mick 915
Erin 846
Brian 908
Meghan 1020
Mckenna 1105
Francy 950
Ron 839
Justin 1140
Charity 1226
Russel 1246
Ian 1602
Grace 1603
Allen 1215
Blake 10
Kristi 1025
Walter 1050

Lauren 1050


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